Spring Hill (Mission Hills Spa)

Now Shenzhen   |   August 28, 2021

A sanctuary to nourish the soul, soothe the mind and pamper the body. Spring Hill offers a comprehensive menu that brings together the best of Eastern and Western ancient healing practices and modern beauty rituals, which allows full relaxation from body to soul.
Face Treatment
Diamond Oxyjet Face Care(Face • Neck • Eye) | 90Min

Using fine diamond chips and vacuum suction, superficial acne scar, age spots and wrinkles can be efficiently diminished. Pressurized pulsed 99% oxygen is injected into the epidermal layer of the skin to accelerate cell renewal and re-energize the skin within 60 seconds, instantly improve moisture level, leaving the skin with a healthy-looking glow.

RF Firming & Lifting Face Care | 90Min

This treatment delivers radio frequency energy into the collagen layer to heat up the skin tissues. The heat promotes blood circulation and supply of oxygen, and improves the lymphatic flow, thus stimulating cell renewal, collagen formation and firming the skin.

Oxyjet Deluxe Therapy | 60Min

Concentrated pressurized pulsed 99% oxygen within 60 seconds to injected into your skin, which provides long-lasting hydration. It prevents the formation of wrinkles while promoting skin hydration and luminosity and refining the even.

Marine Comforting Protective Face Care | 90min

A signature massage combining acupuncture with Cryogenic Globes is joined by a soothing Icy Cooling Mask, which helps to relieve inflammation in an instant. The treatment also helps to repair skin tissues and increase the skin’s resistance. After the treatment, skin is left deeply replenished, moisturized and soothed, having regained its natural glow.

Firming & Lift Face Care | 60min

A revitalized firming facial mask formulated to bind moisture and prevent excessive loss, firm and strengthen the skin to restore its elasticity. All types of skins.

Scrub & Body Wrap
Detoxifying Body Scrub | 30min

Detoxifying Body Scrub effectively removes skin dead cells and replenishes hydration and minerals to the skin, leaving it with illuminating glow. An intensive body treatment to replenish minerals, smoothen and purify the skin, detoxify and eliminate excess water.

Marine Silky Body Scrub | 30min

Marine Silky Body Scrub, mix ocean essence, it contains marine oil and seaweed ingredients, could deeply remove aging skin and help the tight skin, effective keep maintain skin moisture and control balance oil, activates cell regeneration, make the skin regains its soft luster.

Day Spa Ritual
Organic Body Care Ritual | 90min

Body Scrub or Wrap promotes detoxification and eliminates dead skin cells. Using warm candle made from 100% organic soybean, releases muscle tension and deeply moisturizes the skin.
· Organic Warm candle Massage
· Marine Silky Body Scrub OR Detox Body Wrap<b

Total Relax Organic Spa Ritual | 120min

A supercharge hydrating facial formulated with natural amino acid, PCA and NMF, instantly replenishes hydration to enhance skin moisture level. Using warm candle made from 100% organic soybean, releases muscle tension and deeply moisturizes the skin.
· Organic Warm Candle Massage
· Intensive Aqua Face Care

Ginger Wellness Ritual | 135min

Warm Ginger Treatment. Rebalance the system of body, prevent body cold and wind. Can release rheumatalgia and arthralgia.
· Rebalancing Body Massage
· Rebalancing Body Wrap
· Foot Massage & Rebalancing Foot Wrap

Wellness Detox Lymphatic Ritual | 150min

An excellent detoxifying bath with green tea to protect the skin from free radicals and purify the skin. Together with Algopress Detox Lymphatic Therapy, which promote blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulates metabolism to eliminate toxins.
· Intensive Detox Bath
· Algopress Detox Lymphatic Therapy

Address & Contact
Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: Spring Hill 会所水疗中心
Place Address (English/Pinyin): Mission Hills Golf Club, 1 Mission Hills Road, Shenzhen
Website: Spring Hill (Mission Hills Spa)’s Website
Place Phone: +86 755-2802-0888
Email: [email protected]
Inside of Place: Mission Hills Resort ▪ Shenzhen