16 Favorable Measures Employers Can Enjoy Now

David Ho   |   February 25, 2020

Original post: Valueplus Consulting

2月7日,深圳市政府正式印发实施《深圳市应对新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情支持企业共渡难关的若干措施》(以下简称《若干措施》),共提出16条惠企措施,包括减免物业租金、延期缴纳社保费、降低住房公积金缴存比例、返还污水处理费、免除部分电费、延期缴纳和减免税款、金融支持、产业资金倾斜支持、补贴出租车司机 、技能培训补贴等。《若干措施》预计可为企业减负数百亿元,有效期至2020年12月31日。

On February 7th, Shenzhen Government formally issued and implemented the “Several Measures to Support Enterprises to Cope with Difficulties in the Response to the Epidemic of Pneumonia Caused by Novel Coronavirus in Shenzhen” (hereinafter referred to as “Several Measures“), which consists of 16 preferential measures for enterprises, including reduction of property rent, postponement of the payment of social insurance, decrease of the deposit ratio of housing fund, return of sewage treatment fee, exemption of part of electricity fee, postponement and exemption of tax payment, financial support, support for industrial funds, subsidy for taxi drivers, skills training subsidies, etc. Several Measures are expected to relieve tens of billions of RMB for enterprises in Shenzhen and are valid until December 31, 2020.


Official Link of the 16 favorable measures


We have selected six favorable measures out of the Several Measures about social insurance, housing fund, tax and rent which will definitely help you during this special period. Let’s survive the epidemic together!_

第二条 减免物业租金 

Measure 2. Reduction & Exemption of Rent_


Employers who are non-state-owned enterprises, scientific research institutions, medical institutions, and individual industrial and commercial households can be exempted from two months’ rent if properties they rent are owned by municipal and district government, or owned by state-owned enterprises under Shenzhen and Shenzhen districts(including factory buildings, innovative industrial buildings, office buildings, farmers wholesale market, shops, warehouse and logistics facilities, supporting service buildings, etc.). Two months’ rent can be exempted for non-state-owned enterprises or families (individuals) who rent municipal and district’s public rental housing and talent housing._

第三条 延期缴纳社会保险费

Measure 3. Postponing Deposit of Social Insurance_


The payment of social insurance can be postponed 3 months after the end of the epidemic period and the employers will not be charged of overdue fine, if employers are unable to make the payment on time._

第四条 降低企业住房公积金缴存比例 

Measure 4. Decreasing Housing Fund Ratio_


Employers can apply to reduce the housing fund deposit ratio to a minimum of 3% according to law or apply to postpone the deposit of housing fund within 12 months, if they are affected by the epidemic and having difficulties in depositing housing fund._

第七条 延期缴纳和减免税款

Measure 7. Deferment or Exemption of Tax_


Employers can apply to defer the tax declaration to the taxation department, if they are unable to process the declaration on time due to the impact of the epidemic._

第十三条 加大援企稳岗力度

Measure 13. Enhance the Stability of Enterprises_


Enterprises who don’t carry out layoffs or lay off a small percentage of workers will enjoy a refund of 50% of the actual unemployment insurance premium paid in the previous year. Enterprises who have difficulty in production and operation but insist on not laying off staff or only lay off a small amount of workers will enjoy a refund of 25% of the social insurance premium paid in the previous year. Employers who pay salary to staff during the period of their medical treatment or the isolation for medical observation because of the epidemic can enjoy a subsidy of a maximum of 50% of the basic pension insurance premium payment base._

第十四条 实施灵活用工政策

Measure 14. Flexible Employment_


Enterprises are allowed to adjust the rest days of the year in accordance with the law to balance the total working hours of the staff on duty now and those who cannot return to work as normal.