2024 Shenzhen Rose Appreciation Five Gardens Linkage to Start Romance and Sigh Spring

Now Shenzhen   |   March 18, 2024

The most beautiful flower blooming season in Shenzhen is here

Opening the spring in Shenzhen

Be sure not to miss the sea of ​​rose flowers

March 8th – March 17th

2024 Shenzhen Rose Festival invites you to encounter romance

On the occasion of the “March 8th” International Women’s Day,

Shenzhen is filled with colorful seas of flowers

express my sincerest blessings

May we all have countless flowers and romance

📍No. 3071, Renmin North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen City

Rose Garden, Rose Palace

Qin Chun Garden, Huayi Stream, Corporate Garden

Five main viewing areasin People’s Park

Butterflies dance and the fragrance of flowers fills the air

On the treetops beside Huayi River

Hanging colorful kites

The breeze blows and the water surface ripples

It is the flow of water waves, the fluttering of kites, and the beating of hearts .

More than 300 rose varieties are on display in People’s Park

Red, pink, purple, yellow…

Flowers intertwined with flowers

Each shows their own charm and beauty

It’s as harmonious as a colorful picture scroll

If you can do the most romantic thing in a sea of ​​flowers

That must be ” Believe in Love “

Warm reminder from Shenzhen Town

1.Opening hours
Park opening hours: 6:00-23:00; Rose Palace opening hours: 10:00-18:00; Qinchun Garden opening hours: 9:00-17:00.

2. Passenger flow restrictions
The best tourist capacity of the whole garden is 11,000 people; the best tourist capacity of Rose Garden is 1,000 people; the best tourist capacity of Rose Palace is 80 people; the best tourist capacity of Qinchun Garden is 50 people.

When the number of visitors to the park or exhibition area exceeds the above-mentioned optimal carrying capacity or is excessively concentrated, the park will take measures such as one-way entry and exit at major intersections and suspension of entry.

3. The parking lot is temporarily closed
During the Moon Festival period, the People’s Park parking lot will not provide reserved parking services. Public transportation around the park is very convenient, so citizens and tourists who enjoy flower viewing are encouraged to travel green.

Bus: Sungang Bridge Station (near the north gate of the park)

Shenzhen Middle School Platform (Go straight towards the Shenzhen Middle School Stadium and you will find the east gate of the park)

Subway: Take Metro Line 1 to Exit F of Laojie Station and walk 800 meters to the east gate of the park; take Metro Line 3 to Exit D1 of Shaibu Station and walk 400 meters to the east gate of the park.

📍No . 38, Nongyuan Road, Futian District

Rose Book House, Rose Plank Road, Dream Garden

Floral Cafe, Rose Flower Field, Rose Grass Shadow

Rose flowers, love garden

Xiangmi Park has a total of

8 rose theme gardens

170 rose varieties are waiting for your arrival

📍Five Finger Rake Park, Songgang Street, Baoan District

Songgang Street, Baoan District

Songgang Rose Garden in

Buildings with Lingnan garden characteristics

Combined with the Lunar Month Appreciation

And according to the monthly theme space

Divided into Yuehua Garden and Lanyue Garden

📍Near No. 12-10 Qinghua East Road, Longhua District

Pavilions, corridors, landscape walls, rockeries and flowing water

Ancient garden architecture in Qinghu Cultural Park

Complementing the blooming roses

Tourists stroll among the cloisters

Immerse yourself in the beauty of classical architecture and rose flowers

📍The intersection of Guangming Avenue and Tourist Road, Guangming Street Office, Guangming District

Kaiming Park Rose Terraces Flower Sea

Warm and bright rose

dancing light steps

Rose flowers in bloom

The fragrance of flowers in Pengcheng in spring

March, let’s have a go with spring

A date “embraced” by roses

Source: Shenzhen Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, Shenzhen Park Management Center
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