Abandoned Pets Amidst Quarantine Fears

NowShenzhen   |   February 12, 2020
A new Dog into our Foster

CNY is always tough for rescuers. Abandoned pets, and no space in clinics, due to the influx of pet boarding. But this CNY has turned into a never ending nightmare for Karuna Rescue. The Corona virus has seen an unprecedented amount of abandoned pets, or pets stuck in apartments, as their owners cannot get back into the city.

Karuna Rescue somewhat relies on a revolving door of rescue, treat, rehabilitation, shelter and export to forever homes. But with the closure of Hong Kong’s border, comes a complete standstill of sending dogs aboard. We have dogs backed up in clinics all over the country, as well as the shelter running at 130% capacity. All we can do now is pay the shelter rent, and keep paying vet clinic boarding charges. At 48rmb per dog per day, things are getting way out of hand. And we need some help.

Looking for a cat who’s owner is stuck in a village

During this crucial time, we seek help with paying the boarding charges, and also short term foster homes. Basically until borders reopen, and a month post to gather export documents.

If you want to donate or adopt pets, please contact us

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