Appreciate elegant plum blossoms in SZ

Now Shenzhen   |   February 25, 2024
A visitor admires plum blossoms at Plum Blossoms Park in Futian District. Photo from Futian District Urban Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau
Plum blossoms at Litchi Park.
Plum blossoms at Shenzhen Central Park. 
Plum blossoms at Shenzhen Central Park.
Plum blossoms at Litchi Park.

As the cold front gives way to sunnier days, it’s the perfect time to venture out and admire the elegant plum blossoms in Shenzhen. These pink and white delicate flowers, cherished by the Chinese for symbolizing nobility, modesty, and resilience in harsh winter, offer a serene spectacle.

Plum Blossoms Park in Futian 

The Plum Blossoms Park in Futian District stands as the biggest urban plum blossom park boasting approximately 1,800 trees of various species. Now many of these trees are in full bloom, drawing in residents to capture the picturesque scenes with their phones and cameras. 

The sight of young ladies in traditional Chinese garments and makeup amid the sea of plum blossoms resemble a breathtaking and poetic Chinese painting.

Metro: Line 2 to Qiaoxiang Station (侨香站), Exit C and then walk northward for 1 kilometer

Maluan Mountain 

Winter is the best season to appreciate enchanting plum blossoms on Maluan Mountain, which is also known for its grand waterfalls, old Hakka villages, stunning natural scenery, and thousands of plant and animal species.

One can stroll along the 9-kilometer-long Pingshan-Yantian Plum Trail (坪盐赏梅步道) to revel in the beauty of innumerable white and pink plum flowers, and take a detour to explore the old Guangbei Village (光背村) and Laowei Village (老围村) on the west side of the trail. 

At the Plum Pavilion (梅亭) atop the mountain, one can not only appreciate the lush forest, but also view Qiniang Mountain and the Dameisha and Xiaomeisha beaches in the distance. 

Along the trail, information boards on nature knowledge and road signs are available.

Metro: Line 8 to Dameisha Station (大梅沙站), Exit D and then walk northward to climb the mountain

If mountain climbing isn’t your preference, downtown parks such as Shenzhen Central Park and Litchi Park also offer a glimpse of plum blossoms. While these parks may host only a few trees, some of which are still budding, the blooming ones have already attracted a flutter of butterflies and bees, adding a lively charm to the surroundings.

Shenzhen Central Park Zone D2

Metro: Line 3 or 7 to Huaxin Station (华新站), Exit A2 and then walk westward for 800 meters

Litchi Park 

Metro: Line 3 or 9 to Hongling Station (红岭站), Exit F and then walk to the northwest part of the park