China’s First mRNA COVID-19 Shot Obtains Approval

NowShenzhen   |   March 27, 2023

CHINA approved its first messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine for COVID-19, clearing a shot from a domestic drugmaker.

The mRNA vaccine, developed by Hong Kong-listed CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. and which targets the Omicron variant, has been approved for emergency use by the National Medical Products Administration, according to a statement from the company Wednesday.

CSPC said it independently developed its vaccine, called SYS6006. The shot demonstrated an efficacy of between 70.2% and 85.3% up to four weeks following its use as a booster in a clinical trial involving 4,000 participants, CSPC said.

The firm said testing showed incidents of adverse effects were low and, specifically, the severity of bad events in an elderly group were significantly reduced, which could be a boon for China as it has stressed the need to focus on vaccinating and boosting its vulnerable elderly population.

Last August, the firm reported a “good” safety profile for the shot and in a November filing revealed positive progress of the candidate in several clinical studies.

The firm got emergency approval to conduct clinical trials of the mRNA shot in April last year. (SD-Agencies)

SOURCE: Shenzhen Daily