City Reopens Businesses, Public Transport

Now Shenzhen   |   March 21, 2022

ALL government agencies, public institutions and businesses in Shenzhen, except part of Futian District, will resume normal operations today, with strict COVID control measures in place, Huang Qiang, deputy secretary-general of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, said at a press conference yesterday.

Bus and Metro services will also resume operations. The move will remain effective from today to March 27.

The city has completed three rounds of citywide mass COVID testing in the past week and preliminarily achieved “dynamic zero infection” — which means most new local COVID cases are discovered among quarantined people. The COVID pandemic situation in the city remains grim but generally under control, he said.

The latest move aims to achieve precision prevention and control of the pandemic and realize maximum effects at minimum cost. It also aims to ensure the safety and stability of industrial and supply chains, as well as to allow residents to resume their normal lives.

Relevant COVID control measures will continue to be implemented in all of the city’s lockdown, control and prevention areas.

The city will continue to reinforce anti-epidemic measures in residential compounds and urban villages, where negative 48-hour nucleic acid test results are required for entry and exit.

People must present negative 48-hour nucleic acid test results for access to all types of public places and transportation, according to the notice.

Enclosed nonessential service venues, student and child care institutions, as well as offline education and training institutions will remain closed to the public.

According to Xu Wei, deputy head of the municipal transport bureau, Metro stations located within lockdown and control areas will remain closed in principle. Metro trains run from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. About 850 bus routes will reopen today. Passengers must produce 48-hour negative nucleic acid test results or proof that they have taken a COVID test within 24 hours.

The city will adopt classified and differentiated anti-epidemic measures for enterprises in industrial and supply chains to ensure their security and stability.

Residents in part of Futian District (south of Binhe Road, east of Qiaocheng East Road and west of Hongling South Road) that has not yet achieved “dynamic zero infection” will continue to work from home unless they are essential workers, according to a notice by the district’s COVID prevention and control headquarters earlier yesterday.

Article from: Shenzhen Daily