City starts three rounds of mass COVID testing today

Now Shenzhen   |   March 15, 2021

Disinfection is carried out at Shenzhen Library yesterday. Sun Yuchen

In its latest move to combat COVID-19, Shenzhen will conduct three rounds of nucleic acid tests across the city from today to Sunday, a notice issued by the city’s COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters said yesterday.

All residents are required to complete the tests and advised to pay close attention to the staggered testing time periods arranged for their communities. Residents are also required to take precautions when going out for nucleic acid sample collections. After the sampling is done, they must return to their residences immediately.

Employees of all government departments and public institutions are required to work at home or serve as community volunteers. Enterprises, except those responsible for supplying daily essentials like water, gas, communications, electricity, oil, food and vegetables, are ordered to suspend operations. Various business venues, except supermarkets, wet markets, pharmacies, medical institutions and catering enterprises that only provide delivery services, will be closed.

All the districts, new area and special cooperation zone, as well as subdistricts and communities are required to set up teams to ensure daily life supplies to residents.

Also yesterday, Diancairenjia housing estate was announced a high-risk area for COVID, as per a notice issued by Futian District’s COVID prevention and control headquarters last night. No other details were unveiled.

According to notices issued by the authorities of all districts, new area and special cooperation zone Saturday morning, employees of all government departments, public institutions and enterprises in Shenzhen should work from home if conditions allow, except those in sectors involved in essential services and emergency response, according to the notices.

All catering businesses should suspend dine-in services, with takeout and delivery services allowed. Nonessential indoor public venues such as internet bars and theaters will be closed. Express and food deliverymen will not be allowed to enter residential compounds and urban villages.

Futian has set up 506 fixed and mobile covered and well-ventilated nucleic acid sampling sites, Li Zhidong, director of the General Office of the Futian District Government, said at a press conference Saturday. Door-to-door sampling services are provided for special groups such as the elderly, pregnant women in their third trimester and the disabled.

Nanshan District has set up roughly 500 sampling sites, which are staffed with 2,800 to 3,000 medical workers every day to collect residents’ nucleic acid samplings, according to Cai Danhong, deputy head of the Nanshan District Government.

Bao’an District had set up 721 fixed nucleic acid sampling points and 292 mobile sampling points in the district as of yesterday morning, according to Chen Longxing, director of the General Office of the Bao’an District Government. Door-to-door sampling services are provided for factories with over 1,000 employees.

Shenzhen reported 66 new COVID-19 cases Saturday.