Coffee Falling from Sky – Longhua & The New Low-Altitude Economy

Now Shenzhen   |   May 22, 2023

Longhua District is making efforts to build a low-altitude logistics pilot area, and drive high-quality economic development with the new engine of low-altitude economy

As a domestic benchmark in low-altitude logistics, Meituan was approved for the trial operation of logistics distribution in Shenzhen’s first densely populated area. The picture shows Meituan drones delivering food.

Citizens visited the Meituan UAV equipment and big data technology application in the Meituan Consumer Big Data Operation Center.
Damoda has the world’s leading drone formation performance technology. The picture shows Damoda’s cool UAV cloud “technology show”, lighting up the wonderful night sky of the city.
Longhua District has set up an emergency safety inspection drone formation to carry out regular inspections of key areas and places, effectively filling the gap in the air safety production emergency team.

by Yang Mingming, reporter from Shenzhen Special Zone News

Take out your mobile phone, order a cup of coffee, and within 15 minutes, a drone turns into a takeaway boy, and a coffee falls from the sky.  Say goodbye to traffic congestion; say hello to the unmanned “Technology Show” flying amongst the clouds (as well as running on them), lighting up the wonderful night sky of the city, and igniting the vitality of the night economy and consumption…

 Longhua is a core node city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay urban area in Shenzhen with various rich and exciting low-altitude economic application scenarios becoming more and more abundant. The futuristic urban imagination depicted in Hollywood blockbusters is gradually becoming a reality.

From air transportation to the space industry, human beings have never stopped exploring the sky, and the tentacles of civilization continue to extend upwards. While refreshing people’s imagination of the sky, it has also released huge economic and industrial benefits. Today, the low-altitude economy is becoming another important engine to promote high-quality economic development, gestating trillions of market space. In 2023, the Shenzhen Municipal Government Work Report proposed to build a low-altitude economic center, a comprehensive demonstration area for the general aviation industry, and a pilot area for civil unmanned aviation. This is the first time that Shenzhen has included “low-altitude economy” in the government work report.

As a large population area, a large industrial area and a strong manufacturing area in Shenzhen, Longhua District has huge demand and a solid industrial foundation in low-altitude markets such as logistics transportation, personal consumption, business flight, and aerial new media, and has many leading low-altitude economic enterprises. In the strategic deployment of Shenzhen’s “low-altitude economy” development, Longhua District was entrusted with the important task of creating a “Shenzhen drone smart distribution application test zone” and other key tasks. In 2023, Longhua District will try based on its own basic advantages to put forward the construction goal of creating a “low-altitude logistics pilot area”, and will fully promote the low-altitude economy in accordance with the development idea of ​​”technology-driven, scene innovation, industrial agglomeration, and mechanism reform” develop.

“Low-altitude logistics is the unique opportunity in Longhua District’s logistics industry. To develop low-altitude economy, Longhua District has location advantages, industrial advantages, and technological advantages. It can be said that it is the right time and we have unique advantages to seize the new track of low-altitude economy.” The person in charge  of the Longhua District Development and Reform Bureau said. As a pilot area of ​​the Shenzhen Unmanned Aviation Experimental Zone, Longhua has the “time” in terms of policy; while Longhua District is rich in rivers and green belt resources, and the impact of mountains, high-rise buildings, and aviation height restrictions is minimal, and it has the “time” in the experiment. In addition, Longhua’s low-altitude manufacturing, flight, security and other industrial chains are mature. Leading companies such as Meituan operate multiple drone delivery routes on a regular basis. “Human Harmony”.

At present, Longhua is actively seizing the opportunity of low-altitude economic development, has accumulated a solid industrial foundation in the field of low-altitude economy, created a good ecological environment, and condensed a broad social consensus.

Looking forward to the future, Longhua District is speeding up the construction of supporting infrastructure. It is hoped that with the support of low-altitude logistics and other low-altitude flight scenarios, it will deepen the research and development and application of unmanned aviation technology, and focus on the subdivision of low-altitude manufacturing and low-altitude services. Longhua Create a highland for innovation and development of the low-altitude economic industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, help the city take the lead in making breakthroughs in the low-altitude economy, build a model, and strive to seize the key commanding heights in the new field of modern logistics.

Accelerate construction of top-level designs

Create a low-altitude economic “demonstration site”

In recent years, the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have attached great importance to the development of low-altitude economy, the policy system has been continuously improved, the scale of the industry has continued to expand, and the application scenarios have become increasingly rich. The high-quality development of the low-altitude economy will focus on shaping the new drivers and advantages of Shenzhen’s economic development.

Shenzhen’s low-altitude economy is becoming the “highland” of national industries. According to statistics, in 2022, the output value of Shenzhen’s low-altitude economy will reach 75 billion yuan, accounting for 70% of the country’s total,  in addition local production of consumer drones will account for 70% of the global market share.

As a well-known industrial area and a strong manufacturing area in Shenzhen, Longhua District is located in the central axis area of ​​the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the “one core” area of ​​the provincial development pattern. It is the geographic geometric center of the city’s development pattern. The strong manufacturing industry is the strongest foundation for Longhua to develop low-altitude economy. The digital ecosystem of Longhua District, which is at the forefront of the city, also greatly empowers the development of low-altitude economy.

In August 2020, Longhua District took the lead in promoting the development of global digitalization in the city, and comprehensively built a digital economy pioneer area. After more than two years of vivid practice, the development of digital economy has achieved remarkable results. In 2022, there will be 961 digital economy core industry enterprises in the region, with a total output of 555.037 billion yuan, a record high, an increase of 13%, 8.3 percentage points higher than traditional industries. The digital economy has become the main engine of economic development.

Keeping up with the development layout of Shenzhen’s low-altitude economy, Longhua District took advantage of the momentum and carefully planned and communicated with the Political Research Office of the Municipal Party Committee and other departments many times, listened carefully to the suggestions of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Digital Economy Research Institute and other institutions, and established a special class for low-altitude economic work , compiled the “Implementation Plan for Innovation and Development of Low-altitude Economic Industry in Longhua District, Shenzhen (2023-2025)”, accelerated the construction of a “five-in-one” low-altitude economic development framework, and completed the top-level design of low-altitude economic development.

How to promote low-altitude economic development, enterprises have the most say. In order to speed up the construction of top-level design and create a “demonstration site” for low-altitude economy, Longhua District met with key industry enterprises such as Meituan intensively, listened to their development suggestions, and focused on low-altitude industry precision investment promotion, gathered leading enterprise resources, and promoted low-altitude The economy and industry will become bigger, better and stronger.

The development of low-altitude economy is conducive to transforming Longhua’s location advantages into development advantages. At present, Longhua is actively promoting the construction of low-altitude logistics to help Longhua District build a low-altitude logistics pilot area. The relevant person in charge of Longhua District said that it is estimated that by 2030, Zhangkengjing Heliport in Longhua District will have 6,080 helicopter takeoffs and landings per year, and the annual flight time will be 15,200 hours, which will bring huge space and potential for low-altitude economic development.

“The low-altitude economy has natural digital economy genes, and can fully enjoy the dividends of digital and intelligent technology development, and realize the close integration and development of the low-altitude economy and the digital economy.” The relevant person in charge of Longhua District said that in order to comprehensively sort out the integration and development of digital Longhua and low-altitude economy Longhua District also focuses on breakthroughs in key areas, low-altitude intelligent fusion infrastructure construction, low-altitude scene application demonstration, industrial energy level expansion, and industrial ecological cultivation, to identify focus points and breakthroughs, and provide guidelines and policy support for low-altitude economic development .

Today, Longhua’s low-altitude economy is ready to take off. Next, Longhua will continue to optimize the low-altitude economic development environment, improve the top-level design of the low-altitude economy, and accelerate the implementation of the low-altitude economic industry innovation and development implementation plan. At the same time, it will study special support policies for low-altitude economic development, and provide key support for technological innovation, industrialization projects, new technologies, new products, and new models in the low-altitude economic industry. In order to promote the integration of low-altitude economy, digital economy, and cultural tourism economy, Longhua District will also enrich new low-altitude consumption scenarios, continuously improve the public’s sense of consumption experience and sense of gain, and stimulate the potential of the low-altitude consumption market.

Recruiting excellence and training to strengthen the industrial chain to create a “gathering place” for high-end elements of the low-altitude economy

As a domestic benchmark in low-altitude logistics, Meituan was approved for the first trial operation permit of logistics distribution in densely populated areas in Shenzhen, and has the approval letter for trial operation of specific types of drones issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the general aviation enterprise business license;

Damoda has the world’s leading drone formation performance technology, breaking multiple Guinness World Records, and has participated in national drone formation performances many times. The company’s goal is to create a benchmark for the aerial new media industry;

Hawa International is at the domestic leading level in the field of special equipment drones, and has a wide range of technical applications and services in public services…

The development of low-altitude economy is not only conducive to the further optimization of space structure, but also has multiple business forms such as natural resources, low-altitude manufacturing, low-altitude flight, low-altitude support and comprehensive services, and has huge economic value. As a highland of scientific and technological innovation in Shenzhen, Longhua District has a solid industrial foundation and a mature and complete industrial chain, covering multiple fields such as low-altitude manufacturing, flight, and security. Driven by leading companies such as Meituan, Damo Dazhikong, and Hawa International , Longhua’s low-altitude economic development level has been comprehensively improved. After years of cultivation, there are now 365 related enterprises in Longhua’s low-altitude economic industry, accounting for 14.2% of the city’s total and ranking fourth in the city.

Adhere to external introduction and internal training to strengthen the low-altitude economic industrial chain. Looking outward, Longhua District has stepped up its efforts to carry out “double recruitment and double introduction” to speed up investment promotion and improve efficiency. During the Spring Festival this year, Longhua, led by district leaders, went to Beijing to carry out low-altitude economic investment promotion inspection activities, conducted in-depth exchanges with China Aeronautical Society, National Low-altitude Economic Integration Innovation Research Center and other units, and actively strived for high-quality enterprises, key projects and think tank platforms to be established as soon as possible Longhua.

Looking inward, Longhua District strongly supports enterprises in the district to become bigger and stronger. Up to now, a relatively mature drone industry chain has been cultivated and formed. In addition to Meituan, Damoda, and Hawa International, Longhua District has also cultivated Yifeihong Sky, Luffy Intelligence, Multi-wing Innovation and many other leading enterprises, covering multiple links such as low-altitude manufacturing and low-altitude flight.

Seize the high ground on the supply side of the low-altitude economic industry and cultivate a leading industrial cluster featuring drones. Now Longhua District is combining the development foundation of the low-altitude economy industry, focusing on attracting key links in the industrial chain, cultivating and expanding local enterprises, and enhancing the core competitiveness of the industry. Especially around the precision investment promotion in subdivided fields such as power system, flight control system, countermeasure equipment, navigation and communication system, and promote strong chain extension and supplementary chain.

Relying on the planning of the Jiulongshan area of ​​the Longlan Intelligent Manufacturing Corridor, Longhua District is actively laying out the low-altitude economic industrial park, opening up the research and development, manufacturing, and application ends of the low-altitude industry, and realizing the agglomeration and development of enterprises in the low-altitude economic industrial chain. At the same time, relying on government-owned properties such as North Railway Station innovative industrial buildings, the layout of headquarters and R&D and other important links will promote the accelerated agglomeration of high-end low-altitude economic industries and realize the high-end development of the industrial chain.

Expand application scenarios and innovate to create a “practice place” for low-altitude scene applications

“In the past, it took 40 minutes to wait for takeaway during the peak dining period, but now it only takes 20 minutes to deliver food by drone. Today, I also received 520 exclusive flowers delivered by drone. I am so happy,” said one customer. On May 19, the Longhua District Development and Hosted by the Reform Bureau and the Propaganda Department of the Longhua District Party Committee, and organized by Shenzhen Meituan Low-altitude Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., the 520-themed event “Low-altitude Roses Meet Longhua” kicked off. Many citizens who chose drone delivery received roses when picking up their meals , a pleasant surprise.

In addition to the surprise and romantic drone delivery of roses, Longhua District also specially planned a drone show at 8:30 on the evening of the 19th to welcome the arrival of the “5.19 China Tourism Day”. Over the central park of the North Railway Station, 500 drones will fly smartly, bringing citizens and tourists a beautiful visual feast.

Seize the new track of drones and let the application scenarios of drones “fly into the homes of ordinary people”. In recent years, Longhua District has continued to expand the application innovation of low-altitude economic scenarios. Among them, the “drones +” new scenario and new format have explored a wide range of scenario applications in many fields such as intelligent distribution, emergency inspection, ecological monitoring, and media promotion.

Taking the lead in developing the full-chain scenario of drone intelligent delivery, Meituan drones use Rainbow Shopping Center as the starting point to build a low-altitude air route network in the North Station area, helping to build office buildings “on the cloud restaurant”. Currently, North Station No. 1, Hongrong The three routes of Yuantianjun and Sunac Zhihui Building, and the fourth route of HBC Huilong Center will also be officially opened on May 22.

To transform the new kinetic energy of the low-altitude economy into the new efficiency of modern urban management, Longhua District has also taken the lead in building a UAV emergency system with “one-key start, full network coverage, and air-ground linkage”, and has established an emergency safety inspection UAV formation. Regular site inspections, special inspections and supervision, and rapid investigation of emergencies. There are more than 4,000 monitoring points in the region. Automatic detection and full coverage of the region can be achieved within 15 minutes, effectively filling the gap in the air safety production emergency team. Relevant experience has been obtained. Citywide promotion. Relying on drones, Longhua District has also carried out ecological monitoring work such as atmospheric cruise monitoring, bare land, visual inspection of construction sites, and daily inspection and maintenance of rivers.

The development of low-altitude economy and the development of the sky can reduce the occupation of land resources. As a large population area and high-tech industry cluster area in Shenzhen, the low-altitude economic industry in Longhua District is full of vitality and has a broad low-altitude scene application market. Now it is leading the city to actively build low-altitude Scenario application demonstration IP.

Focus on promoting the construction of Meituan’s UAV intelligent delivery project. Longhua District supports Meituan to carry out multi-scenario low-altitude flight business, accelerate the implementation of UAV delivery routes, and help build a UAV smart delivery application test area.

According to the opportunities provided by the construction of Zhangkengjing Heliport, accelerate the deployment of unmanned logistics, urban air traffic and other new business application demonstrations, open Longhua and surrounding cities’ feeder logistics routes, explore multi-level drone transportation models, and land 6 air traffic as soon as possible route.

Focusing on public service fields such as emergency response and land planning, Longhua District has expanded application scenarios such as emergency rescue, security inspection, urban management, weather detection, medical rescue, and environmental intelligent monitoring. Focusing on the field of cultural and sports tourism, expand special application scenarios such as air tours, aerial photography, entertainment performances, and outdoor sports.

Longhua District has rich characteristic ecological cultural tourism resources, and now it is actively expanding the application of “low altitude + cultural tourism”, developing low altitude sightseeing, aerial photography, drone performances and other projects.

Bravely breaking into the “no man’s land” of core technology research and development to create a “first place” for technological innovation

As a relatively cutting-edge field, the low-altitude economy, whether it is the research and development of low-altitude aircraft or the construction of digital low-altitude intelligent fusion infrastructure, is deeply dependent on technology research and development and requires strong scientific and technological innovation capabilities as support.

Longhua District has always been willing to invest in scientific and technological innovation, and has always regarded the construction of scientific research institutions and other major scientific and technological infrastructure and innovation platforms as an important starting point. Accelerated agglomeration of a series of high-tech elements provides matching innovation elements and technical resources for the development of low-altitude economy.

Focusing on areas where core technologies are stuck, Longhua District has given full play to the power of innovation carriers such as universities and enterprises, accelerated the process of localization and substitution, and made new progress in tackling key industrial core technologies.

Among them, the University of Electronic Science and Technology (Shenzhen) Advanced Research Institute has accelerated the acquisition of key core technologies of drones, and continued to promote the research and development of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) with tilting rotors. eVTOL has achieved a scaled prototype test flight;

Meituan drones have realized pure self-developed technology product systems such as aircraft, automated airports, and drone intelligent dispatching systems, and have broken through core technologies such as urban drone noise reduction and urban complex scene navigation and positioning, and have obtained more than 500 patents in total. Among them, more than 90% of the core components have been localized;

Multi-Wing Innovation has in-depth cooperation with Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University and other well-known domestic universities to create a core technology group for low-altitude automatic driving and low-altitude traffic dispatching, forming an industry-leading low-altitude traffic solution.

Adhering to the drive of innovation, Longhua is actively deploying a number of cutting-edge scientific research and innovation platforms, relying on government-owned properties such as North Railway Station innovative industrial buildings, strengthening the construction of innovation carriers, and striving to build no less than 30 innovation carriers by 2025. Home.

In addition, Longhua District has also actively introduced scientific research platforms and think tanks such as Tsinghua University and Beihang University, and made good use of high-quality think tank resources such as the University of Electronic Science and Technology (Shenzhen) Advanced Research Institute and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Digital Economy Research Institute to support key core technologies. Research and development, actively participate in the construction of technical standards and access systems, and be a “pioneer” in the research and development of low-altitude economic technology.

Strengthen the support of new infrastructure and consolidate the “digital base” of low-altitude economy

“Low altitude is a digital space from the beginning. If you want to use it and manage it, you must first digitize the low altitude and turn the low altitude airspace into a countable airspace.” A few days ago, Longhua District held a low altitude economic development forum. According to field experts, the development of low-altitude economy must consolidate the “digital base” in the field of basic technology, and ensure that unmanned aerial vehicles and manned aircraft can enter a normalized and large-scale flight environment. The exploration and practice of Longhua District in the field of digital economy in recent years has laid a solid foundation for the development of low-altitude economy.

The low-altitude economy needs comprehensive ecological guarantees such as infrastructure support, market demand, and policy support. Adhere to the connection between new infrastructure construction and new urban construction. In order to promote digital construction, Longhua District has built the largest IoT sensing platform in the city, connecting over 260,000 terminal devices in ten categories.

In terms of infrastructure, Longhua District has built 7,784 5G base stations and 1,200 multi-functional poles. It is the first in the city to complete the full coverage of 5G networks. It has built 5G smart buildings such as Huide and Huilong Buildings and 5 smart parks. Scenario applications provide basic support.

In terms of policies and systems, Longhua District has accelerated the formulation of special support policies for low-altitude economic development, and has made every effort to develop the design of urban low-altitude test routes in Longhua District. In addition, the construction of Zhangkengjing Heliport is speeding up, which will bring new business models and new scenarios of low-altitude economy in the future.

In order to create a more solid infrastructure support, consolidate the intelligent fusion infrastructure, and create a favorable ecology for low-altitude economic development. Today, Longhua is relying on comprehensive transportation, logistics parks, and state-owned enterprise properties in the region to promote the overall construction of ground infrastructure networks such as UAM (Urban Air Mobility), logistics distribution, and low-altitude logistics shared airports. At the same time, continuously improve supporting facilities such as UAV identification, communication, positioning, navigation, monitoring, and meteorology, and build a low-altitude Internet of Things network with facility interconnection and information exchange.

To improve the ability of financial services to support the low-altitude economy, Longhua will explore the innovation of supply chain financial models through the establishment of various funds, support the financing development of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the low-altitude economy, support high-quality enterprises and projects to become bigger and stronger, and promote industry and finance. combined.

In addition, Longhua also plans to set up a low-altitude economic development pilot zone in key areas such as the North Railway Station International Business District, build a batch of supporting infrastructure moderately ahead of schedule, provide hardware support for the demonstration of the scene, and help Longhua build a low-altitude logistics pilot zone.

Wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly. Driven by policies and the market, Longhua’s low-altitude economy is ready to take off, and a new growth is imminent, which will surely become an important engine to promote high-quality economic development.

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