Expat focused multilingual poetry recital held yesterday

Now Shenzhen   |   November 27, 2023
(L-R) Tatiana Lis (Belarus), Simon Chiatante (Italy), Liu Jiaomei (a Chinese translator), Kristopher Kiely (the U.K.), Patty Avotriniaina (France) and Imane Sbai (Morocco) read a poem dedicated to Shenzhen at a multilingual poetry reading titled “Shared Moments in Poetry” at the Guan Shanyue Art Museum on Saturday. Photos by Lin Jianping
(From top to bottom) Patty Avotriniaina and Xu Yuerong; Imane Sbai and Wang Ying; Simon Chiatante and Chen Yongyi; Tatiana Lis and Tan Yafan; and Kristopher Kiely and Li Jinyu read poems.
Members of the Shenzhen University International Choir sing the song “Road of Our Dreams” before the recital.
The audience listen attentively at the recital.
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DESPITE the diversity of languages, both expats and locals were captivated by the enchanting cadence of poems at a multilingual poetry reading event Saturday. The event, titled “Shared Moments in Poetry,” held at the Guan Shanyue Art Museum in Futian District, left behind an ethereal resonance long after the final words faded into the night.

Expats from five countries graced the stage, reciting verses in their native tongues of Italian, French, Russian, Arabic and English, touching the audience with concise words and beautiful rhythms. The themes consisted of “youth,” “innovation,” “homeland,” “dreams” and “future.”

A sideline event of Shenzhen Reading Month, this gathering was hosted by Shenzhen News Group and organized by EyeShenzhen, Shenzhen Daily, and the museum.

The beautiful poetry reading is like a melodious chorus. Simon Chiatante from Italy, a Shenzhen Global Communication Ambassador, mesmerized the audience with his passionate recitation of the Italian poem “Il Turno.”

“I chose youth as a theme because in recent years, it’s been one of the most important things in my heart as a school teacher,” Chiatante said. “When I see the children, I remember my youth very clearly, and that has helped me to find a sort of my true self. As I think that the trustiest self is a child, so I would like always to think like a child,” he added.

Tatiana Lis left the audience deeply moved as she poured her affectionate and emotional reading of a poem dedicated to her beloved motherland, Belarus. Kristopher Kiely from the U.K. shared his sentiments about the boundless possibilities of Shenzhen’s future through the English poem “Hope is the thing with feathers.”

Imane Sbai evoked sentiments of hope through her Arabic poetry, while Patty Avotriniaina touched the audience with a French poem full of innovative ideas.

The event culminated with a collaborative poetry reading from the five expats. Together, they read “Across Shenzhen,” a heartfelt ode to the city crafted with unwavering love by Chiatante.

“In six little parts, I tried to summarize the most important aspects of Shenzhen. Each theme was represented by a natural element of the city. I tried to put in one point at the same time — my love for Shenzhen,” Chiatante said. (Continued on P2)

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His story with poetry began in his youth when the lines and rhythms effortlessly danced through his heart, eventually inspiring him to create his own verses.

The event commenced with a rousing performance of the song “Road of Our Dreams” by the Shenzhen University International Choir. This youthful song showed how the overseas students have witnessed China’s efforts in bolstering global economic progress.

Shin Moon-sub, the song’s composer and writer, shared with Shenzhen Daily his inspiration for the lyrics. During an exchange event held at Guizhou University in Southwest China’s Guizhou Province this June, Shin was impressed with the accomplishments of the Belt and Road Initiative over the past 10 years, ultimately inspiring him to pen the lyrics.

“Everyone here has youthful spirit, and they pursue their dreams. This song, as an energetic and symbolic opening performance, could represent the aspirations of the energetic youth,” Shin said.

SOURCE: Shenzhen Daily