Explore health-focused parks in Longhua

Now Shenzhen   |   March 21, 2024
A boy is measuring his height at Lyulang Children Health Theme Park.
Children read health information at Lyulang Children Health Theme Park. Photos by Chen Jianhua

Community parks are popular areas where locals engage in physical activities and relaxation. These parks provide an abundance of verdant flora, akin to natural oxygen sanctuaries, as well as fitness facilities and children’s recreational amenities.

In Longhua District, there are nine health-focused community parks, where residents can acquire health tips and knowledge through informational boards and interactive games, and foster a healthy lifestyle. People of all ages can glean easily understandable insights into balanced nutrition, moderate exercise, limitations on smoking and alcohol consumption, as well as maintaining mental well-being.

Tianbei Community Park 

Add: West to Shenzhen Daihing Guanlan Toyota

Metro: Line 4 to Xikeng Station, Exit D

Xinyi Park 

Add: South to Baohu Road

Metro: Line 4 to Niuhu Station, Exit C

Women and Children Wellness and Relaxation Park 

Add: 68 Huawang Road 

Metro: Line 6 to Yangtai Mountain East Station, Exit C1

Lyulang Children Health Theme Park 

Add: Intersection of Minbao Road and Minfan Road

Metro: Line 4 or 6 to Hongshan Station, Exit D1

Longping Community Park 

Add: Baiyu Street, Dalang Subdistrict

Metro: Line 4 to Longsheng Station, Exit A1

Dalang Sports Park

Add: 90 meters south from intersection of Dalang Park 1st Road and Gongyuan Road

Buses: B906, M214, M310, 324

Xiayousong Community Park 

Add: Inside Xiayousong Village, Minqing 1st Road

Buses: M211, M233, M263, M392

Shijing Park 

Add: 166 Yuexing Road

Buses: M509, M544, M258, M545

Sanlian Park

Add: 140 meters westward from intersection of Dalang South Road and Jianhui Road 

Buses: 324, B920, M180, M211, 621

Article From: Shenzhen Government Online