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NowShenzhen   |   February 11, 2020

More Good News!
As the situation in SZ is improving, we now have approval from our building management and local sub-division office to drop the 14 day strict quarantine for our sessions. However any travellers from Wuhan/Hubei and with Flu symptoms need to stay in a 14 day quarantine.
Please note we will be enforcing strict safety rules to enter studio.
No flu symptoms.
Sign the health screening form.
Temperature check.
⏰ Also please note that we change the morning class from 6:45am to 7:30am starts from next week.
Your well-being is of utmost importance to us. We will win this together – as SZ people, as F45’ers!

F45 Shekou

Your well-being is of utmost importance to us. We will win this together – as SZ people, as F45’ers!

We strongly believe that staying active is the best weapon to fight against disease.


Limited number of people to access and stay in the studio:

Class limited to 10 people per class maximum.

Initially we are limiting to classes 3 class per day until everything is under control.

Only staff that are on duty and members who have successfully booked into a class shall be in the studio. No other people (including family members) will be allowed access to the studio.

Other visitor/walk-in has to contact our customer service via WeChat to make any bookings or appointments.

All above people must have already completed the 14 days self-quarantine period in Shenzhen and no contact with Wuhan/Hubei/Flu people in the pass 14 days. no apparent symptom like coughing, fever and fatigue etc. Everyone must compete the health screening form and pass the temperature scanning before access to the studio.


Studio hygienic and safety control

The Studio, including floor, equipment, benches etc will be cleaned and sanitized between all classes.

All regular touch surfaces, such as door handles and screens (incl. phones) will be sanitized regularly (we suggest you clean your phone daily too)

Lockers/storage area to be cleaned before and after every class. (we ask members to keep their own belongings in their bags (eg. keep phones in bags)

No Food to be brought into or eaten within the studio. (coaches and members)


Coaches Health and Hygienic Control

All F45 staff can only coach if remained in SZ during this period, or self-quarantine 14 days in Shenzhen and no contact with Wuhan/Hubei/Flu people in the pass 14 days.

Checked and recorded Temperature check before coaching.

Will Sanitize hands between and during classes.

No physical contact with members in the studio.

Maintain a 2m distant to anyone in the studio.

No Food to be bought into or eaten within the studio.


Current and Visiting Members Responsibilities

For other members’ safety, please stay quaratined for 14 days if you have travel history outside Shenzhen or have history in touch with any Wuhan/Hubei Travelers or people in flu in pass 14 days.

Refrain from training in the studio if you do not feel well. If you come in with any flu like symptoms (Coughing, fever or fatigue, etc) our trainers will kindly ask you to go home rest instead of traning.

Temperature Check and registration are required before entering the building and the gym

Must use sanitizer before entering and leaving the gym, and before and after class

Must change another set of clothes and shoes before class start and training shoes need to clean at our gym again before class start

Must bring two towel with you, one clean towel to swipe equipment after yourself, another one to swipe your face/body sweat and cover your mouth and nose when needed

Air high five instead at the end of the class

Asked not to stay in the gym for long. Please go outside to talk with other members.

No Food to be brought into and eaten within the studio. (coaches and members)

Maintain a 2m distant to anyone in the studio.


Class Booking Rule:
All classes must be booked 60 min before class start time.

All Classes need to be canceled 60 min before class start!

No refunds given for late cancel or no shows.

Please be considerate and cancel early to let others get a spot with sufficient time to join class.

Conditional Class details

Class Size: 10 ppl max

Class pricing: 98CNY per class

128CNY for Hollywood class on Sat. (Original price CNY 198)

Class times: 3x classes each day until further notice

Please check the booking link for details.

Please Note:

These are special conditional classes and will require payment to attend.

All exisiting membership cards/top up card/trial member card are not applicable to Feburary classess and will automatically extend 20 days validaity to all the above card.

Please understand and support our arrangement. Thank you!

We at F45 Shekou have worked hard to open these conditional classes and look forward to your understanding and support at this time. Our goal as always has to provide a positive and healthy community both in and out of the F45 Studio.

(If you have any question, please contact F45 Customer Service.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong!

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