Halloween Festivities at Happy Valley

Now Shenzhen   |   October 23, 2023
Actors dressed in Halloween-themed costumes at Shenzhen Happy Valley. Photos courtesy of Shenzhen Happy Valley
Halloween-themed meals and snacks are provided at Shenzhen Happy Valley.

THE Shenzhen Happy Valley theme park has launched a festival in October and November, providing visitors with unique and engaging experiences during both daytime and nighttime.

During the daytime, the park offers a range of activities for parents and children to enjoy. Families can pick up a map that guides them to specific themed shops within Shenzhen Happy Valley. By following the instructions on the map, they can collect candies related to each theme. After filling in all the stamp blanks on the map, they can exchange for a special souvenir at the park’s merchandise store during the festival.

Moreover, visitors can enjoy over 100 attractions in the park, including the newly introduced Mini World Adventure Hill, which has become a popular entertainment spot since its opening at the end of last month.

During the nighttime, the theme park offers eight distinct mysterious scenarios within a 350,000-square-meter space. Additionally, there will be 10 haunted houses decorated with themes such as a paranormal theater, grave robbing, and ghost marriage, all in celebration of the upcoming Halloween.

The Black Candy Music Festival, taking Chinese rock and roll as its theme, will be presented in the Maya Water Park at 7 p.m. Oct. 30 and 31, as well as every Saturday and Sunday from now through Nov. 12. Renowned rock and roll bands will be invited to perform classic songs and music from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

Furthermore, the theme park will offer a variety of Halloween-themed snacks, including skull biscuits, eyeball cakes, and finger biscuits. Visitors can also receive complimentary fashionable makeup at the theme park during the event, which will run through Nov. 12.

Venue: Shenzhen Happy Valley, Nanshan District (深圳欢乐谷)

Metro: Line 1 or 2 to Window of the World Station (世界之窗站), Exit A

SOURCE: Shenzhen Daily