Latest travel guide for China-bound travellers & International flight schedules in March

Now Shenzhen   |   March 6, 2023

Starting from March 1 (local time), China-bound travellers can take antigen tests (including self-test kits) instead of nucleic acid tests. Also, Chinese and foreign airlines are no longer required to check travellers’ negative test results prior to departure.

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That’s according to the notice by many Chinese embassies abroad, including Indonesia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, South Africa, and more.

Here are the details:

Embassy of China in Indonesia

 Embassy of China in New Zealand

Embassy of China in Sri Lanka

Embassy of China in Thailand

Embassy of China in Malaysia

Embassy of China in Cambodia

Embassy of China in South Africa

Embassy of China in Laos

(The above-mentioned screenshots are cited from the embassies’ official website. For more information, please refer to the latest notice.)

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Here are the latest flight schedules in March related to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area:

China Southern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines

Xiamen Air

These arrangements may be subject to change, so for those planning to travel, please check your destination’s latest information before departure.

(The flight information is cited from the notice of the above airlines.)