Mandatory Mask Wearing is OVER in China

Now Shenzhen   |   April 13, 2023
  • On Apri 12th, the China CDC announced updated “Guidelines for Public Mask Wearing to Prevent COVID-19”, announcing that masks are no longer mandatory in most public venues. This is in response to the changing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic – with the goal of minimizing the impact on people’s daily lives. Hooray!
  • Now if you are taking public transport (airplanes, trains, coaches, boats, metros, buses, etc.) –  mask wearing is no longer mandatory BUT still recommended. You can now choose to wear it, or not.

When are you STILL required to wear a mask?

1) When you have covid, or covid symptoms: 

Masks are still required in situations where COVID-19 transmission is possible, such as during the infection period or when symptoms of COVID-19 are present.

2) Places with vulnerable people:

Masks are also necessary in high-risk areas during COVID surges, such as hospitals, nursing nursing homes, orphanages, schools, or workplaces (but this is a trickier one to implement).

Once more: masks are required in high-risk areas during COVID surges (!), such as hospitals, nursing institutions, schools, or workplaces.

3) If you’re vulnerable, in very busy enclosed spaces:

For areas with large crowds or enclosed spaces where people are in close proximity, like supermarkets, cinemas, and bus stations, masks are recommended. Elderly individuals, pregnant women, or those with chronic diseases are advised to wear masks when visiting indoor public places.

(This is slightly confusing – so watch this space to how it’s implemented).

Recommended to wear a mask

However, masks are NOT necessary in outdoor public spaces or indoor spaces where people have limited mobility and the risk of infection is low. The guidelines aim to ensure effective prevention and control of the virus, and may change depending on the COVID-19 situation and prevention and control efforts.

The Official CDC Notice

If anyone asks you to check the official notice, click inside the CDC 信息站 or CDC疾控人 post.

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ARTICLE FROM: Shanghai Expat