Nepalese Restaurant Owner Pramoud Excited about Restaurant Reopening

Now Shenzhen   |   December 5, 2022


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“Very excited very happy. I think we have passed difficult times. We did a big exam. Now I get more positivity in my business,” Pramond Ghimire, owner of the “Little PaPa” restaurant in Guangzhou, said excitedly after his restaurant reopened. Ghimire said he is full of confidence now and plans to open more restaurants in Guangdong.

After more than a month of COVID-19 wave, Guangzhou has passed its epidemic peak and announced the city will further optimize its COVID control measures. Dine-in services at restaurants in some districts has came back and indoor entertainment and service venues has reopened. The good news brought excitement to Pramond and the whole catering and hospitality industry. Pramond happily expressed that he hopes more Chinese and foreign “families” will return to his restaurants after the epidemic.

Pramond comes from Nepal. He started his businesses and opened an Indian and Nepalese cuisine restaurant in Guangzhou in 2013. In an interview with GDToday, he bluntly admitted that the catering business has been hit hard by the outbreak of COVID-19. However, Pramond still tries to act like a father and take care of his employees and those customers who place orders online.

“My boss provides accommodation for us, and the place where we live is very close to the restaurant. So we don’t need to take a bus or metro, which is very convenient,” said Qiao Jinfeng, a Chinese employee of the restaurant. Qiao has worked in Little PaPa for eight years and learned English by herself during the period. She said Pramond doesn’t treat them as hired employees. When he comes, he would say hello with a very amiable and light-hearted manner.

Pramond will also provide customers with information on transportation and nucleic acid test requirements between different cities in Guangdong during the epidemic. “They (some foreign guests) ask me about the COVID test requirements when they want to travel to Shenzhen or different cities. So I pass to them the information I get from different departments. And I am like a ‘COVID expert’ now,” Pramond laughed.