Online and Offline Groceries Guarantee Food Supplies

Now Shenzhen   |   February 28, 2022

SHENZHEN’S online grocery platforms and brick-and-mortar supermarkets have ramped up their efforts to ensure consumers sufficient food supplies amid the city’s new wave of COVID-19 cases, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

“Data showed that the sales volume of online grocery platform Dingdong Maicai has grown by nearly 20 percent over the past week and reinforced Shenzhen’s food supplies. Basically, our current stock of food products is two times higher than the normal level. We also offered three times more products at some stations serving orders from lockdown areas,” a staffer from Dingdong said.

It is said that Dingdong has cooperated with subdistricts and residential communities to help its deliverymen send food orders to designated sites so that volunteers can then transport the goods to residents living in lockdown and control areas.

A staffer from Meituan’s grocery platform suggested that they saw a dramatic increase in orders from COVID-19 control areas, especially for vegetables, rice, noodles and cooking oils. “At present, we have ample food stocks with stable supplies,” said the staffer.

In addition to online platforms, supermarkets such as Vanguard, Walmart and Carrefour all said their online orders are recently on the rise. “The online order volume of stores near key lockdown areas is about five to six times that of previous days. We have sent more staff to ensure deliveries,” said a staffer from Vanguard.

Walmart Shenzhen outlets said that sufficient products are in stock, and the prices are currently stable. “We replenish meat stocks two to three times each day to ensure supplies,” the company said.

Data recorded by HiGreen, Shenzhen’s biggest agricultural produce wholesale market, showed that vegetables they received in the last two days stood at 6,000 tons, up 11 percent year on year.

Article from:  SHENZHEN DAILY