Sam’s Club Shares 3 Ideas to Entertain Your Child at Home

David Ho   |   February 19, 2020

During this time when staying home is recommended, besides stocking up food, another challenge you may have is to entertain your child 24/7. Keeping kids entertained requires a lot of patience, a bit (or a lot) of work and some imagination. 

Don’t worry. Sam’s Club and its private brand Member’s Mark has your back! Here are 3 ideas to help you get through this period with your little ones. All you need are household objects and a few simple items the Sam’s Club APP can deliver to your door.

1. Get them in the kitchen

Trying new things and making a yummy treat are all part of the fun when you get kids in the kitchen. Try this simple recipe for fruit pops.

You will need: 

  • Member’s Mark strawberries, Dole bananas or any other fruit in your fridge
  • Bouchard milk chocolate
  • Wooden sticks (or straws, chopsticks)
  • Toppings of your choices: Member’s Mark sweet corn flakes, Member’s Mark granola cereal, Member’s Mark roasted & unsalted mixed nuts (chopped), chocolate chips, sprinkles etc.

Member’s Mark Strawberries 1kg ¥88

Dole Bananas 1.4kg ¥19.8

Member’s Mark Sweet Corn Flakes 750g ¥32

Member’s Mark Roasted & Unsalted Mixed Nuts 1.1kg ¥126.5 

Member’s Mark Granola Cereal 907g¥49.8

Bouchard Belgian Milk Chocolate 500g ¥54.7


  • Melt the chocolate until smooth. 
  • Cut bananas into chunks.
  • Thread strawberries and chunks of bananas onto sticks, dip them in melted chocolate and roll in toppings such as corn flakes, cereal or chopped mixed nuts as desired.
  • Place on waxed paper-lined baking sheets, refrigerate until set.
  • At last, take the fruit pops out of the fridge and enjoy the delicious moment!
  • Through the process of cooking, kids can learn about the ingredients, and get supplemental vitamins and nutrients from the high-quality products from Sam’s Club.

2.  Introduce them to basic scientific concepts

Believe it or not, children are born scientists with a passion for mixing things up. Here is a classic science experiment for kids, called  Lava Lampusing household items that are easy to find.

You will need: 

  • Member’s Mark sunflower oil
  • Water
  • A clear plastic bottle (or a glass)
  • Food coloring and Alka-Seltzer (or other tablets that fizz).

Member’s Mark Sunflower Seed Oil 5L ¥49.9 


  • Pour water into the plastic bottle until it is around one quarter full, pour in sunflower oil until the bottle is nearly full. Wait until the oil and water have separated.
  • Add a bit of food coloring to the bottle (choose any color you like).
  • Cut an Alka-Seltzer tablet into smaller pieces (around 5 or 6) and drop one of them into the bottle. Things should start getting a little crazy, just like a real lava lamp!
  • When the bubbling stops, add another piece of Alka-Seltzer and enjoy the show! This fun experiment might be the door opener to the world of physics for your kids.

3. Offer them new creative toys by creating your own

Although buying toys is the easiest way, due to the current situation delivery might be delayed. Now it’s time to make new toys and let your kids join the creative process, which is a game itself! 

Toilet paper roll handicrafts

You will need: 

  • Toilet paper tubes (Member’s Mark premium bath tissue)
  • Paint or markers
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Member’s Mark Premium Bath Tissue 200g*30 rolls ¥79.8


  • Prepare clean toilet paper roll tube and brainstorm with kids of what to create. Is it a car, a little monster, or a cute kitty cat? Be creative! 
  • Map out the decorations needed for the concept on another paper roll or cardboard: crown, hat, ears… Make those pieces into different colors as desired.
  • This is a great exercise to practice kids’ sense of space, handcraft and art, while creating a nice memory together. 

What do you think of the ideas above? If you have some other fun ideas and tips of how you spend time with kids at home using daily items, please share with us! 

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