Shenzhen Global Communication Ambassadors’ Share Stories

Now Shenzhen   |   September 25, 2023
Piotr Blaszak from Poland, a Shenzhen Global Communication Ambassador, speaks to the audience yesterday. Photos by Liu Xudong
Alessandro Antonicelli, another Shenzhen Global Communication Ambassador, shares his story yesterday.
Dr. Nihad Cheraga, an entrepreneur from Algeria who is also a Shenzhen Global Communication Ambassador, gives a speech yesterday.
Attendees listen attentively at yesterday’s event.
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THE Shenzhen Global Communication Ambassadors Annual Events Release & iStory “My Shenzhen Story” Sharing Session was held at Shenzhen Lang Lang Music World in Futian District yesterday. The event gathered international participants to listen to the global communication ambassadors’ stories and learn about EyeShenzhen’s upcoming projects.

The event, organized by EyeShenzhen, announced the Shenzhen Global Communication Ambassadors Annual Events Plan and EyeShenzhen Content Co-creation Plan. Under the programs, EyeShenzhen will prepare a series of amazing activities for its ambassadors in various topics and invite the ambassadors to design and plan communication programs based on their interests and expertise that can be shared overseas.

During the iStory “My Shenzhen Story” Sharing Session, three communication ambassadors narrated their marvelous experience of being a content creator, a visual artist and an entrepreneur in Shenzhen.

Piotr Blaszak from Poland, the content creator, has been living in the city for nine years.

“As a global communication ambassador for Shenzhen, what I want to do is to give back to the city, basically by promoting it abroad. I have a lot of memories and many different experiences,” Blaszak said.

Blaszak was amazed by Shenzhen when he first visited the city. “I was shocked how innovative the city was,” Blaszak said in his sharing speech yesterday.

Alessandro Antonicelli, another Shenzhen Global Communication Ambassador from Italy, said that he first heard about Shenzhen in 2002. He came to the city in 2019.

Since then, he has had the chance to contribute to the education and arts sectors in Shenzhen through many events.

A visual artist and director of the creative arts department of Huitong School in Qianhai, Antonicelli believed Shenzhen is extremely important for design and particularly, fashion design.

Last summer, he introduced Shenzhen to the University of Bari in Italy, hoping to create connections between the university and Shenzhen.

Dr. Nihad Cheraga, an entrepreneur from Algeria, who has been in China for eight years and came to Shenzhen four months ago, was impressed by the opportunities the city could offer.

“It’s a new city full of dynamics like a youth. And everything like whatever you want to do, you can have it in Shenzhen,” she said.

Cheraga said Shenzhen’s environment is like what they have in entrepreneurial hubs like Silicon Valley in the U.S. “So, I came up with the idea to become a content creator about the ecosystem that Shenzhen offers for entrepreneurs,” she said. “Being an ambassador for communication is a great opportunity for me to introduce Shenzhen to more international entrepreneurs, especially young ones to come here to find a way to incubate their startups.”

EyeShenzhen, a new brand for urban marketing and global information services run by Shenzhen Daily, is dedicated to creating an international digital communication platform that incorporates a multilingual website, overseas social media accounts, a digital city image platform and a global communication ambassador program.

The program was introduced in June, targeting influential foreign individuals including entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, popular online influencers, designers and artists. So far, about 30 expats have joined the program.