Shenzhen Started New National Standard for E-bike

NowShenzhen   |   May 5, 2019

New National Standard about E-bike

On April 15th 2019, the new national standard, Safety Technical Specification for Electric Bicycle (GB17761-2018), was officially implemented in Shenzhen. The implementing has significant impacts on the manufacturing and selling of electric bicycles, and also provides customers with guidance on purchasing and using of electric bicycles.



What’s new compared to the old standard?


Here are some purchase tips for you to follow the new standard: 

a. With Pedal           

b. Maximum speed 25km/h

c. With CCC mark/CCC license (“China Compulsory Certification”)     

*sample as below





For the safety of yourself and others, please

·Always wear a helmet while riding

·Keep your speed lower than 15km/h when on non-motor vehicle lane; should not ride on Expressway

·Charge it in designated areas, not in the stairway/fire exit, and don’t carry the battery home to charge





Key Settings/重要指标设置


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