SIS Coronavirus Situation Update: March 20th, 2020

David Ho   |   March 23, 2020

1. ONLINE LEARNING: Our e-learning program began on Monday, Feb 3rd. The program provides an asynchronous program to support our students who are spread across the world. Your feedback to the teachers and principals is appreciated.

2. SIS RE-OPEN DATE: We continue to monitor health & government authorities and embassies in China as directives and events continue to change at a rapid pace. The latest advice from the authorities is that we will be informed of approval for resumption of on-site classes when the epidemic is deemed under control. We anticipate that the school will be able to provide three weeks notice for resumption of on-site classes and will continue to deliver our program via on-line mode until on-site classes resume.

3. SURVEY REMINDER: As required by the Shenzhen authorities, and to help us plan we must collect and submit data daily on the location and health status of our families. Please complete this as soon as possible and review it regularly as your status and location changes.

4. STAY HEALTHY: Wherever you are at this time, be reminded to practise good hygiene if you are in public spaces and maintain good routines at home to stay healthy. There are many official sources of information on the Cover-19 infection and you are encouraged to stay informed.

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