Trip Offers Expats a Glimpse of SZ’s Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Now Shenzhen   |   November 6, 2023

AROUND 50 expats in Shenzhen explored the city’s ecological environment and eco-technologies during a “Discover Nanshan” tour organized by the district’s foreign affairs office Saturday.

The tour commenced at the Shenzhen Soil and Water Conservation Technology Demonstration Park, where visitors could witness urban water and soil conservation efforts in action. The park served as a living showcase of Shenzhen’s commitment to ecological development, including the construction of a sponge city and measures to preserve the city’s soil, water, vegetation, and ecosystems.

At the OCT Wetland Park, one of Shenzhen’s main sanctuaries for migratory birds and the smallest urban wetland park in China, participants delved into the evolution of the city’s ecosystems and the ongoing initiatives to maintain the delicate balance between human activity and nature.

Khaliq Abdul, a Pakistani student who had recently arrived in Shenzhen, lauded the eco trip for its tranquil ambiance, particularly at the OCT Wetland Park, where the harmonious sounds of birds created a serene environment.

At the Nanshan Energy Ecological Park, nestled in an upscale commercial and residential area, the visitors marveled at the seamless integration of advanced and efficient waste incineration facilities with the surrounding urban landscape.

The “Discover Nanshan-Green Trip” is part of a series of activities designed to provide expatriates with insights into the city’s environment, technological advancements, and culture.