Shenzhen Weekly Round Up – Nov 28: Work from Home “Recommended”, New Metro Lines, Avatar & a Beer Crawl

Now Shenzhen   |   November 28, 2022

Dear Shenzhen-er,

Covid is squarely in the spotlight this cycle. For those of you that haven't been following, those covid hot spots that polka-dot the nation have been rapidly growing in size and number over the past several weeks. As of Friday Beijing (1860) , Chongqing (6500), Guangzhou (8476) & Hebei province (3375) have cases numbering in the 1000's as the national trend continues to steadily climb upwards. Several dozen other cities are also breaking the double and triple digit marks as of this writing.

Locally cases continue to climb upwards (Friday: 43, Saturday: 83, Sunday: 126). Most alarmingly, 20 cases were found in community screening yesterday. Late last night the local government released the following work from home "recommendation" order. All restaurant, indoor entertainment venues, etc have been mandated to reduce capacity to 50% - you know the drill. We'd recommend reserved caution moving forward - although a full scale lockdown is unlikely given other lockdown-related events that transpired this past week on the national stage (Google this yourself) - we're confident we'll all feel the squeeze once more in the weeks ahead.

In local news Shenzhen opened 2 new metro rail lines as of 10am this morning - line 12 and an addition to line 6. Jing-A just opened a brand spanking new tap room in the G&G creative community in Nanshan. For something to look forward to from tinsel town here's an article detailing the release date of the sequel to Avatar - 13 years in the making.

The World Cup remains the focal point for most events happening around town - have a look at our full events page to locate a suitable venue for your viewing needs. We'd like to once again highlight the upcoming beer crawl event coming up this Saturday - there are only a few tickets remaining for this unique activity so reach out to Joseph asap if you'd like to join.

Be kind to yourself out there!

-David & The NowShenzhen Team

P.S. - Please let us know how we're doing! We're always eager to improve, and we'd like to do so based on your input! You can reply directly to this email or get in touch with me personally on wechat: david-d-ho. Thanks!

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