Zazoo Live

David Ho   |   July 16, 2019

ZAZOO is the combination of music, life and soul. It embodies the desire of every human to release themselves to the higher force of music, and immerse themselves in a transcendent experience we like to call ZAZOO! Through the music, the drinks, the rhythm, you will be delivered to another dimension. This is the ZAZOO vibe. Let your soul lead you to the funk…

ZAZOO live will be Shenzhen CBD’s new favorite party destination and it’s easy to see why!

 Reason 1:

Utilizing only the best audio equipment, acoustic sound treatment, and classic interior design, we have created a second-to-none party environent that will immerse you in a comfortable party atmosphere in the middle of Shenzhen while you groove to the sounds of Shenzhen’s premiere house band! 

Reason 2:

Whether you want to dance the night away or chill out on a cozy sofa with some hand-crafted cocktail soul, WE COVER IT ALL! There is a place for all here in ZAZOO live! 

Reason 3:

ZAZOO live provides you with a professional, personal and top-level service experience! All of our service staff have been trained in the latest Western service trends and will be on their toes waiting to make sure your ZAZOO party goes off without a hitch! 


ZAZOO live is a result of a hard work between two very successful Shenzhen companies : Ocean Felix Group and TERRACE Shekou. 

  • Address:  Shopping Park 131, Mintian Road 138, Futian District, Shenzhen深圳市福田区民田路138号购物公园北园131
  • Phone:  13927457425