Perch (The Langham, Shenzhen)

David Ho   |   July 30, 2019

A Glamorous and Carefree “Perch” at The Langham, Shenzhen

Trapped amidst a concrete jungle you feel desperate to escape, you catch a glimpse of the dazzling colorful lights shining mythically below you, familiar only to those in the know. Longing to discover and determined to shake off all ambivalence, a new revelation is made in this vibrant city – an intriguing new establishment with an alluring ambience where “birds of a feather” flock and chirp over spellbinding drinks.

Perch, originally referring to the resting place for birds, is a unique alfresco venue and a true respite at the end of a frenzied day, will re-define the meaning of liberation. A space to flash those heels, loosen that tie – and strut your feathers. Colleagues, friends and birds alike will be drawn into the imaginary, whimsical atmosphere to relax or unite & celebrate the success of the day.

Eccentric and right out extraordinary concoctions are on offer at our bird bath bar with trending culinary flairs based on seeds and grains evolved into light, healthy and utterly sensual meals – passionately created to be shared and enjoyed informally.

Release those musical vibes and foster your own tunes from a colossal musical library with customized background sounds, where you decide what music is played through our state of the art app. The chirping, laughter and clinking of glasses will echo off the walls at Perch, a mastery of glamour and intimacy – soon to open at The Langham, Shenzhen. 

Operating Hours: 17:00 – 01:00

华灯初上,流光溢彩,在钢筋水泥浇灌的都市樊笼里,人们就像一只只眷恋归巢的鸟儿。 与其飞入熙攘喧闹的车水马龙,不如抖落白天的烦扰和不快,寻觅一处美食与情致共分享的栖息地。即将于深圳东海朗廷酒店悠扬启幕的逸谷便是这喧嚣都市内的世外桃源。 逸,既有逃遁远离,亦有安闲舒适之意;谷,高楼大厦间倏然辟出一处宁谧栖息地,谁能想到在深南大道中心路段旁,竟有这天光云影共徘徊的半亩佳境。结束了一天的工作,人们抛却压力烦闷,脱下高跟,卸下领结,遁着夕阳或斑驳的月影,无需穿越酒店大堂,可自室外任意入口直达逸谷。您可在硕果累累的柠檬树下,窝在舒适的藤编沙发里,嗅着空气中甜丝丝的香气冥想发呆,或邀三五好友畅聊小酌,与同僚共庆成功,抑或在浩淼星空下与爱人携手依偎,同家人举杯欢聚,好不惬意。 两位法国大厨深知当下风尚,甄选当季有机食材,奉上健康轻食概念的晚餐菜单。清新的田园三明治点缀香气迷人的黑松露,即多了妙不可言的法式浪漫;吞拿鱼沙拉搭配南瓜子和罗勒,宛若将地中海的和风煦日吞入口中;肉质丰润的和牛带骨牛小排邂逅中东香料,是东西合璧的精彩。少了传统西餐的繁文缛节,融入了家庭聚餐式的氛围,逸谷倡导分享式就餐体验,仿佛一场邻里的聚会,当侍者呈上佳肴,众人嬉笑分食,随性而惬意。 除了美食相伴还有音乐作陪,您还可于海量乐库内挑选心仪的音乐,自定义背景歌单,为这慵懒悠然的时光平添更多惊喜。 营业时间:17:00 – 01:00 

Address & Contact

  • Chinese Name:  逸谷
  • Address:  Level 3, The Langham, Shenzhen, No.7888 Shennan Boulevard, Futian District, Shenzhen, China 中国深圳市福田区深南大道7888号, 深圳东海朗廷酒店三层
  • Website:  Perch (The Langham, Shenzhen)’s Website
  • Phone:  (86) 755 – 8828 9888 ext. 8928