Phoenix Mountain

Now Shenzhen   |   August 23, 2021

Fenghuang or Phoenix Mountain in the Bao’an District of Shenzhen is steep but striking.  It is 678 meters high and overlooks Shenzhen Bay in the south.  It is covered with large trees and colorful flowers.  What makes this unique are not just the fountains and caves but the old temples that give it an air of serenity.  The trip to the top is divided into three beautiful segments.  The Pagoda at the foot of the mountain where you can see the Fenghuang Wenchang Pagoda, the Morning Dog Stone , the Buffalo Site, the Sacred Fountain, and the Pumen Shixian Memorial Arch.  The next stop is the Temple Site located on the mountainside.  This is the main attraction which holds the Dew from the White Vase, Fenghuang Cave and the Longevity Well. At the very top is the sunset glow where you get more than a view of the sunset but also of the All-blessing Cave, the Stone Whey Lake and the Stone of Roaring Lion.  Just hearing the names, you already know that your trip is going to be very exciting and interesting.

Place Description (Chinese/中文):
凤凰山为避暑胜地,位于城北30多公里处。山势嵯峨挺拔,主峰风鸟髻海拔1497.8米,素有””潮汕屋脊””之称,也是粤东第一高峰。这里既有巨石岩洞,又有瀑布溪流;既有苍松翠竹,又有奇花异草,自然风光绚丽多姿。山上气候凉爽,气象万千,瞬息万变。在诸多景区中,天池最称迷人。   凤凰山是粤东第一高峰。以峭拔雄伟的山色,绚烂多采的畲寨风情和奇香卓绝的凤凰茶传名于世。乌栋山主峰西侧小山谷,是古代火山口所天然形成的山顶湖泊,面积60亩。池内泉水喷涌,千年不断,栖息着天下奇珍的两栖类动物””四脚鱼””(学名””蝾螈””)、“软壳石螺””及稀有蛙类。池水冰凉透骨,池边山坡平坦,有近千亩天然草被牧场,其间点缀着高山灌木和杜鹃花。踞天池之上俯瞰四方,群峰起伏,云雾缭绕,山村点点。其东西峡谷中之凤凰、凤溪二大水库,宛如二面明镜,影山峦,照天光,令人赏心悦目。 景区凤凰山,为我国著名产茶区之一,山上有11000多亩茶园。据宋代《潮州府志》记载:””凤凰山名茶待诏茶名为贡茶。””距今有900多年历史。1986年,凤凰茶中之佼校者””凤凰草丛””在全国名茶评比中,雄居榜首。登山观光,品尝名茶,真是游兴倍增,其味无穷。

Address & Contact

  • Chinese and Pinyin Name: 凤凰山
  • Place Address (English/Pinyin): Phoenix Avenue, Fuyong, Shenzhen
  • Website: Phoenix Mountain ‘s Website
  • Place Phone: None