Run for the Border: The Tequila Coyote Cantina

Mike Bossick   |   October 6, 2021

Tequila is named after a small town in the Mexican state of Jalisco and was first produced in the 1500’s. The Tequila Coyote Cantina opened in Shekou to serve margaritas in June 2010. It is located around the corner from Starbuck’s and below the Terrace at Sea World in Shekou.

A coyote is a medium-sized, feral predator and a member of the canine family common to Western North America. It’s almost guaranteed that you too will howl at the moon and feel like Shenzhen is really the Sonoran desert on a warm star-studded desert night after drinking a couple of their superb, albeit a bit pricy Margaritas (50rmb).

At the cantina, you will find most likely the best Mexican food in Shenzhen and possibly the entire region. Maybe all of China, then again it is a huge country and they do have a restaurant in Beijing as well.

The managers and the chef are all from Guadalajara, Jalisco and the cooking style is as authentic as you’ll find on this side of the world. For any of you familiar with Mexican food in Southern California, Jalisco style food is the most ubiquitous.

The bountiful menu is bound to please, far too extensive for this review – maybe good for a novella – and it’s growing. According to the assistant manager, Juan Hernandez, “We are continually introducing new authentic dishes as people in Shenzhen are becoming more familiar with Mexican cuisine.”

For starters (appetizers) try the chicken mini-chimichangas (deep fried mini-burritos) and the nachos (superb with plenty of jalepeno peppers, cheese and guacamole).

Some of main courses (13 in total ranging from 45 to 90rmb) are the soft tacos (big and meaty), the chile relleno ( a bit bland, but ample), the camarron diablo or devil shrimp (spicy and succulent), the Tequila chicken (lives up to its name) and chicken mole (smothered in a rich spicy chocolate sauce). Ole for the mole!

There are also 7 additional dishes on the Tex-Mex menu that included the humungous soft taco plate. If you are a taco fan, there are ten kinds of tacos ranging in price from 42 to 65 rmb.

Rounding out the menu are three different kinds of fajitas (chicken, beef and shrimp, (78-90rmb) and four different kinds of burgers including a veggie burger (55-65 rmb). Salads include: Cobb, Taco, Caesar, Ceviche (marinated raw fish) and more with prices ranging from 48-60 rmb. These are meal-sized portions or to share.

And don’t forget the desserts like Flan Napolitano (creamy and sweet caramelized milk) ranging in price from 30-40 rmb and worth every Mao.
On Saturday and Sunday, there are ten breakfast plates from 38 to 45rmb served from 9 AM to Noon and features huevos rancheros (ranch eggs), the coyote omelet and even hot cakes, plus Denver omelets and French toast for those with a less adventurous palette.
At the bar you can find the standard cocktails plus an excellent selection of Mexican beers like Bohemia, Modelo Negro, Dos Equis (XX) and lighter ones like Carta Blanca, Tecate (now owned by Miller brewing) and Corona.

For tequila aficionados, the selection is even greater, grab some salt and lemon whilst you peruse the 22 different kinds of tequila shots that promise to smooth out a fine dining experience and keep your arteries clear.

Finally, the specials are: lubricating ½ priced Margaritas on Monday and Tuesday offers crunchy ½ priced hard shelled tacos.


Hours: 10AM to 12 midnight daily. Open later on weekends.
Address: Shop 113A SeaWorld, Shekou, Shenzhen
Phone: 0755-26836446