Epic Burgers at Mash Gastropub

David Bowman   |   August 31, 2021

Beer has been around forever.  Since like the Neolithic period.  Really!  Hamburgers have been around since at least 1896, but it wasn’t until 1991 that there grew a distinction between a pub and a gastropub.  The idea of fine dining within a pub was born, or at least became popular enough that it got its own name.  From all that, In 2015, Chef Denis Salmon and Hana Jin, give life to Mash Gastropub in Futian, Shenzhen.  Chef Denis, being trained by Brazilian Chef Alex Atala, (who works for one of the top ten restaurants in the world) is very familiar with all the finest details of gastronomy and customer experience.

In keeping with the essence of the fine dining aspect, Mash Gastropub spares no attention to detail.  The level of service goes far beyond what you would expect at a pub.  It is the food though that truly draws the distinction of a gourmet gastropub.

At Mash Gastropub, much of the menu is changed on a weekly basis.  A new gourmet hamburger is featured as “Burger of the Week”.  Last Week was “The Sinner”.  We are talking gourmet like the picture you get in your mind when you hear the word gourmet.  An irresistible juicy all beef burger, with lobster bisque (I’m not kidding), sauted (French delicacy) foie gras, (highly prized) truffles spreads, swiss cheese, all served on a fresh bun (so that you can hold on to all that and get it to your face for consumption), and all served up with precision and friendliness.

I’m not talking about the normal level of attention and accuracy.  At Mash Gastropub that includes a method of cooking a steak that will no doubt be the juiciest steak you have ever eaten.  Their “Sous Vide” method, consists of slowly cooking the meat in a vacuum tight package, to within 2 decimal points of a temperature that is decided by the fat content, (stay with me now, it’s worth it to learn this) until it is consistently cooked throughout for a precision amount of time, based on the cut and the customers preference.  That’s when the chef takes over and sears the meat by hand, with a flame to seal in pretty much all the juices that you might have lost cooking it on an open fire.  Just a hint, Friday is always their big steak night.  There is an excellent chance that you will have a memorable meal at Mash Gastropub, all the while, savoring any one of the extensive list of revered international beers, with at least 10 selected treasures on tap.

You can tell it is most definitely a fine dining establishment with focus being on the food, but I also felt very comfortable and looked after.  When I needed to interact, someone was always right there, even  Chef Denis sat with me and just chatted and answered any question I had (some of which were generated by previous answers.)  I’m not a real “chatty Cathy” but I also didn’t feel the staff to be intrusive.  Basically, just right there when you needed them and very friendly.

I really enjoyed the stout Chinese beer recommended by the staff.  Actually my Chinese is not that good so I actually learned it was a Chinese beer later, after I had already assumed it was an excellent German beer, which of course they also have in stock at Mash Gastropub, with their delivery kegs kept in a giant walk in cooler.

In addition to a couple of gourmet burgers and a selection from the intercontinental beers, I had an order of “Chille Cheese Messy Fries” which the staff at Mash Gastropub warned me was going to be very spicy.  It wasn’t, it was the perfect amount of spicy, and chili and cheese and fries. 

If your idea of a gourmet meal is only the freshest, highest quality ingredients, all cooked with precision, passion and attention to detail, you will not go wrong.  Set your GPS for Mash Gastropub and get some of what you have been missing.

Not only is the Mash Gastropub menu printed weekly and the Mash Weekly News on the WeChat account MASHSZ, the menu is available in Chinese and English, in addition, Tokyo American Executive Chef Denis Salmon, after living in Japan for 7 years, can speak Japanese very well.

Adding to the comfort of the venue it was very convenient to find “serious” hooks under the tables to conveniently store your backpack, purse (or bowling ball.) 


Although Mash Gastropub is not a huge place, it looked to me like they could hold 35 to 40 people inside and about the same outside.  Chef Denis uses empirical data and a very educated guess to determine and prepare just enough fresh meat for the day.

You know you like burgers and you know you like beer.  Getting the “best of both burgers and beer” (let see if you can say that 6 times quickly) is like a huge bonus to the deal.  At Mash Gastropub you quickly realize both comfort and high quality in all aspects of your dining experience and I mean all.

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