JJ Donuts and Coffee

Scott Welsh   |   October 8, 2021

Hi Guys, well When I got home from work today, My GF had stopped off at JJ Donuts and Coffee in King Glory Plaza in Luohu.

Here is the scoop on what i experienced shortly after arriving home.
A lovely box set of 6 mixed Donuts, Ranging from cream filled chocolate to mango and Raspberry.

6 mixed Donuts cost 27rmb, and I must say, they where rather good, they are not like your usual Chinese donut, they are actually pretty close to real western Donuts!! I am serious!!

So my verdict is, if you have a craving for a rather real tasting donut, Head over to the Basement level of King Glory and pick up your self a mixed pack of 6, then find your fav and go back to buy a dozen!!

believe me, you wont be disappointed!!