Juice Baby Cafe

Now Shenzhen   |   August 24, 2021

Small, intimate cafe with patio owned/operated by Melon Chen and James Beattie. We have over 400 channels of IPTV, so look to us for your favorite sports. Low rent so low prices. Happy hour daily from 4-7pm with prices starting at 20 Kuai. Nice pours of 50 ML. Beers include:

Tsingtao, Rogue Dead Guy, La Chouffe, Vedett Extra White, Paulaner, Guinness and Heineken plus Tiger Draught. Also, fresh fruit cocktails from 25 Kuai. For food, we have American-style hot dogs  and cheseburgers: Burger and pint of Tiger – just 45 Yuan; 7 inch big Hormel hot dogs with cheese, onion, green peppers and jalapenos with a pint of Tiger – just 38 Kuai. Tiger pints just 15 Kuai Happy Hour and 20 Kuai regular price. Inside seating with A/C and TV or our patio with tables, chairs and umbrellas.

Only 400 meters from Fumin Subway. Telephone: 0755-8283-5569

Place Description (Chinese/中文):

甜瓜陈和詹姆斯·比蒂拥有/经营的小咖啡厅,天井亲密。我们是在我们的软开幕(2012年6月)。很快就会有电视和食物(汉堡包,热狗,比萨饼和水果沙拉加上一个早餐三明治)。如此低的价格,低租金。欢乐时光4时至下午7时,价格在15蒯杜松子酒/进补(Gordons)/进补伏特加(Stolichnaya)开始。尼斯45-50 ML盆满钵满。啤酒包括:金威啤酒,青岛啤酒和喜力。此外,从25蒯新鲜水果鸡尾酒。 从福民地铁站仅500米。电话:0755-8283-5569

Address & Contact

  • Chinese and Pinyin Name: 果乐吧
  • Place Address (English/Pinyin): 101A Chen Hui Jia Yuan Qun Lou,Huang gang Park No. 1 Street,Futian District,Shenzhen,Guang dong,China 0755-8283-5569
  • Website: Juice Baby Cafe’s Website
  • Place Phone: +86 (755) 82835569
  • Email: [email protected]