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Now Shenzhen   |   August 24, 2021

Shenzhen Concert Hall is one of the most important symbolic cultural architectures in Shenzhen. Located in the central area of Futian District, it covers a surface area of 26,345 square meters and a construction area of 41,423 square meters. The architecture is designed by Arata Isozaki, a famous Japanese avant-grade architect, who enjoys a reputation in the international construction field. It is a modern and professional concert hall specifically designed and constructed for music performance.

One of the most advanced concert hall in China with pure natural acoustics
Shenzhen Concert Hall is constituted by the Symphony Hall, Theater Studio and other subordinate facilities. The canyon-terraced Symphony Hall covers a total area of 2,323 square meters with 1,680 seats in it. It provides pure natural acoustics and possesses a comparatively large scale in China. The pipe organ in the Symphony hall is the one and only pipe organ in Shenzhen. The Concert Hall is the best place to enjoy concerts where the essence and spirits of art are strongly promoted.
The design of the 629-square-meter Theater Studio represents its multi-functional feature with the venue hanging in the air. With an out-stretching dynamic design, the three-storey auditorium and the seats in it can be transformed from 400 seats to 580 seats when necessary.

Furthermore, the subordinate facilities such as the Golden Tree Foyer, Music Saloon, Outdoor Music Square, Recording Studio, Piano Training Rooms, VIP Rooms, Dressing Rooms, and Audience Lounge have enriched the charisma of the Concert Hall as well as the practicability of it.

Embracing all classic arts of music performances
The grand opening of the Shenzhen Concert Hall provides the international music performances and music competitions with professional space of international standard.

During the opening season from October to December 2007, Shenzhen Concert Hall has hosted a series of performances which gathered a good many famous artists and orchestras to perform on stage. Since then, Zubin Mehta, Lang Lang, Tan Dun, Gidon Kremer, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra and Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra have cheered the audience with their wonderful music.

“Beautiful Sunday” and “Afternoon Music Time” play the melody for the popularization of music education
“Beautiful Sunday Concert” launched simultaneously since the opening of the Concert Hall as a special project of public performance series. It arranges free concerts for the audience 3pm on Sundays. The project is sponsored by the Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Bureau of Culture of Shenzhen Municipality. It is supported by the Special Foundation for the Development of Shenzhen Publicizing and Cultural Undertakings, and undertook by the “Metropolis Channel” of Shenzhen TV Station, the “Cultural Starry Sky” column of Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, and the “Cultural Square” column of Shenzhen Economic Daily, and Shenzhen Concert Hall.

In order to bring classical music to more audience, Shenzhen Concert Hall arranges the “Public Open Day”. People from different residential communities are welcome to pay a visit to Shenzhen Concert Hall on Saturday afternoons. Performers from various artistic organizations also prepare special concerts for the visitors.

The ideal venue for cultural and business events. Shenzhen Concert Hall possesses rich artistic resources from China and abroad and owns the first class teams of programming and management. Moreover, the Concert Hall also offers services such as performance programming, artist broker, and venue/instruments rental service.

With its exquisite facilities, comfortable environment, professional service and graceful cultural connotation, Shenzhen Concert Hall has won wide recognition from people of all walks of life. A large number of corporations and institutions have successfully held cultural and business events including concerts, meetings, product exhibitions and press conference, etc. While growing to be the beautiful palace for classic performing arts, Shenzhen Concert Hall gradually meanwhile becomes the ideal place for high-grade and fashionable social events.

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 深圳音乐厅是深圳市文化设施中的标志性建筑,它坐落在深圳市福田中心区,由享誉国际建筑界的日本著名建筑大师矶崎新先生主持设计,拥有国际一流纯自然声效,是专为演奏音乐而设计建造的专业音乐厅。 深圳音乐厅由演奏大厅、小剧场和其他附属设施组成。演奏大厅是目前国内规模较大的纯自然声演奏大厅,呈峡谷梯田式,总面积2323平方米,有1680个座 位。演奏大厅里的巨型管风琴是深圳目前唯一一架管风琴。 自2007年10月开幕以来,深圳音乐厅陆续迎来祖宾梅塔、郎朗、谭盾、吉顿克莱默等国际知名音乐家登台。徜徉其中,会感受到艺术的气息,获得精神上的愉悦。
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