World Trade Center Towers still standing…in Shenzhen China Theme Park

David Ho   |   August 31, 2021

In Shenzhen, China, there is a fantasyland where the September 11 tragedy never happened. At the theme park Windows of The World exists a miniature Manhattan. The Fly over America section of the park does not reflect or educate about the tragedy, even ten years later.

The Twin Towers are still standing, misleading the millions of Chinese that visit from their far flung provinces each year. The happy facade of the theme park keeps the visitors ignorant of the tragedy that befell upon the USA.

Sure these miniature models of New York were built before the planes crashed into them but shouldn’t this happy theme park reflect on the tragedy? When is it time to update the model to reflect reality? Are these buildings still standing out of laziness? Ignorance? Or should this be considered a tribute, something to help us remember? Considering how long it took to make a decision on building the 9/11 memorial maybe management was just waiting to see what would replace the towers? Now that the September 11th museum is set to open, it is time to make a decision of how to change the attraction.

When the planes flew into the World Trade Center Towers I was at a friend’s house in Shenzhen and watched in shock and disbelief. Of course many of the Chinese in Shenzhen knew about the attack and had sympathy, taxi drivers would talk to me about Bin Laden and and about how strong America was with the wars we were waging. Ten years ago I believe the peasants coming from the country side to visit the theme park today, did not have the same access to media and television allowing them witness what happened back then. They could not afford a TV or did not have extra spending money for a newspaper to learn about the unfolding events that changed the course of world history.

The Shenzhen City continuously claims to be an international city. Countless amounts of red backs were spent to hold the Universiade sporting competition. Yet by the inaction on this theme park attraction the city again falls short in the goals of becoming an cosmopolitain city. It seems that the theme park should take on the responsibility to educate the Chinese population about such a major world changing moment.

Windows of the World charges 140RMB to enter the theme park for a day pass. After 7:30pm entrance to the Theme park drops to 50RMB. (View Windows of the World Place Listing)

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