Casa Rental

NowShenzhen   |   January 10, 2022

Casa Rental provides housing & office rental services across Shenzhen, we also provide life services like relocation/moving across China and worldwide. Our goal is to assist expats friends to live a more convenient and comfortable life in China. It would be our honor to help you find a dream house, dear home in Shenzhen.

Our advantages: * Free 1-on-1 private tour * English Language Service * Can arrange invoice/Fapiao if needed * Can arrange monthly bills if needed.

WeChat Official Account: Casa Rental
WeChat contact ID: k15013542527

Address & Contact
Address and contact information:
Place Name: Casa Rental
Place Address (English/Pinyin): Room A058, Building B, Digital Garden City, Nanhai road No. 1079 Nanshan district Shenzhen Guangdong 518000 China
E-mail: [email protected]
Place Phone: 15013542527