Is your Visa expiring soon?

Pro 1   |   May 15, 2020

As most are aware of by now, foreigners with valid visas & residence permits in China has been granted an automatic 60 days extension after expiration. This policy was initially announced by the National Immigration Administration (NIA) on 27th of February 2020. The policy of the extension applies to foreigners with visas/permits expiring before 27th February would have their period of stay automatically extended to 27th April, and those with visas/permits expiring after 27th of February would have stay period extended by 60 calendar days.

*A new application is not needed for this automatic extension policy*

What happens if the 60 days automatic extension runs out?

We have been getting reports from individuals who were able to further extend their stay in China towards the end of their 60 days automatic extension. These individuals has visited their local Entry & Exit Administration Bureau (EEA) and has successful been granted stay permits. The stay permit requires a new application. The stay permits were granted on a case-by-case basis.

What to do?

If your 60 days automatic extension is running out soon. Visit your local EEA, and try to apply for a stay permit, you will need:

1)  Passport + a photocopy

2)  Photocopy of the valid visa + valid entry stamp

3)   Registration form of temporary residence (Issued by local Police Station)

4)  (Shenzhen) Fill your personal details and make an online appointment via “Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau” Website, then print out the application form

6)  Visa photo (Light-Blue background) taken by photography shop or photo booth

7)  Bring a letter explaining why you need this further extension.

8)  You may also want to bring any evidence support your letter (E.g. Website printouts of suspended international flights)


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