Longgang District Police – Safety and Security Anywhere You Go

Mike Bossick   |   October 6, 2021

Shenzhen is becoming one of the top stops in Asia. The city is flooded with tourist from all over the world all year round due to its moderately hot condition. The city attends to the security needs of their visitors by pumping the busiest districts in the area with police stations. The security brought by these police stations attracts more tourists to visit and take a glimpse of the first special economic zone in China. Thus, when visitors and tourists feel that they are completely secured, they will always find a reason to keep coming back.

Shenzhen police stations calms the mind of travelers by providing easy access to police personnel when neede whether, by phone or by personal visit to the several stations placed in the different business district of the city. Shenzhen Police maintains district offices and satelite offices embedded in the areas of concerned. Shenzhen District Police offices are maintained in Longgang District, the biggest and busiest business district that has 14 structured satellite precincts to patrol and police the area.

Next to it is Bao’an District, showcasing over a dozen of subtations that facilitates and renders emergency responses to locale or foreigners in distress. Luohu has eight substations that answer or solve disturbances in the locality. The not so big Futian District, Nanyuan District and Yantian District maintain more than one satelite offices. At the airport area, Dongshen and Dayawan districts are provided with one substation to aid and help in the security mapping of the areas.

Longgang District police maintains the busiest district office. The adaption of the 110 emergency code system is highly useful in this district because of the wide area to control. Longgang has a large population of shoppers and tourists that a number of police stations as well as police officers must be scattered around area to make sure that peace and order are maintained.

Longgang police stations can be found in the following areas: Nan’ao station is located along Fumin Road. Dapeng Town is served and protected by Dapeng station. Kuichong station is found on Kuiping North Road, inside Kuichong town. There is also one located inside Kengzi Town along Remnin West Road. Pingshan town has its station on Dongzhong Road. Buji station is erected Jihua road inside the town.

Another station is located inside Bantian village in the same town. Pinghu stands safe and unharmed along Pinghu Road. Henggang town is confident with its station situated at Shenhui road. The Longgang substation is found along Longyuan Road and Tongle Station on Dakang Road both inside the Longgang Town. Aside from 110 access, you can also call the following numbers from any location: Buji 0755 28871099, BanTian police station 0755 84193123, Pinghu police station 0755 28843110, Henggang police station 0755 28863299, Longgang police station 0755 28833220, Tongle police station 0755 84895110, Pingdi police station 0755 84092296, Pingshan police station 0755 28826282, Kengzhi police station 0755 84134541, Kuichong police station 0755 84207357, Dapeng police station 0755 84302110 and Nan’ao police station 0755 84402110.

Anywhere you go in Shenzhen, you are safe and secured 24/7. Make your stay worthwhile and never fret for any problem. A nearby police station is ready to serve you.

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