Qianhai Hall (Qianhai Exhibition Center)

Now Shenzhen   |   August 29, 2021

Qianhai Hall was built by the Shenzhen Qianhai SZ-HK Service Athority. It is a temporary public exhibition building with a usage of 5-10 years. The main structure of Qianhai Hall is a rectangle with longer sides that reach out to Yueliangwan Road. From the aggressive choice of building material – a lot of membrane to the original design of the building, it shows Shenzhen off as a very futuristic city.Place Description (Chinese/中文):  前海展示厅由深圳市前海深港现代服务业合作区域管理局建设,为临时展览公共性建筑。其建筑高度18.15米,地上2层,总建筑面积4347.04平方米。结构类型为轻钢空间网架结构和轻钢梁板结构,结构内外围合覆盖膜体,形成结构独特,造型优美的模特空间视觉。

Address & Contact

  • Chinese and Pinyin Name:  前海展厅(Qianhai Zhan Ting)
  • Place Address (English/Pinyin):  Qianhai Hall, Qianhai Administration Bureau, intersection of Dongbin Road and Yueliangwan Boulevard Metro: Luobao Line, Daxin Station, then take bus B796 to the terminal 东滨路与月亮湾大道交汇处南侧前海管理局前海展厅 (大新站), 转公交 B796
  • Website:  Qianhai Hall (Qianhai Exhibition Center)’s Website
  • Place Phone:  +86 (755)