Saige (SEG) Electronics Market Plaza Huaqiangbei

Now Shenzhen   |   August 23, 2021
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This electronics bazaar is the heart of the Huaqiangbei shopping district. SEG electronics market is known world wide as a place where makers can come to find any kind of component they need to build their Internet of things devices. When you enter you are immediately into the thick of the electronic components and as you twist and turn through the isles and ascend on the escalators you go from components to computer motherboards, hard drives and then to full blown computers and monitors. If you can dream it you can probably assemble a prototype here. The SEG plaza also contains a lot of knock off products and components so be aware when you are buying. We have heard of recycled components being sold as new. Make sure that when you buy something you get a receipt and a business card so that you can come back if there is problems. Don’t forget that at a lot of these stalls you can bargain and haggle especially if you want a large quantity of components.

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If you have out of warranty electronics or mobile phones this can be a good option to go to for repairs for such things as broken iPhone screens and more. Rising to 292m (957ft) in height with 72 stories above ground and more stories underground, SEG Electronics Plaza on Huaqiangbei is one of the tallest buildings in the Shenzhen Huaqiangbei area and one of the tallest steel-reinforced concrete buildings in the world. It covers a total floor space of 170,000 square meters. The construction of this skyscraper began in 1997 and ended in 1999, it made the Shenzhen record of building 1 story every 2.7 days. SEG Plaza is invested and developed by Shenzhen SEG Group Co., LTD. It is the home of, and named after the Shenzhen Electronics Group. It’s quite the symbol of the influential Shenzhen electronics market and it also refers to the smaller nearby electronics marketplaces.

Underground Levels: Parking lot;
Ground Floor to 8th Floor: Electronics market; electronic components, hard drives, memory, mother boards, monitors, computers, uninterruptible power supplies;
9th & 10th Floors: Restaurant and gourmet canters;
11th & 12th Floors: European restaurants and food supply center for the administration;
13th to 49th Floors: White-collar workers’ offices (of which floors 19th, 34th and 49th are emergency shelter levels);
50th to 60th Floors: Hotel Area(Floor 63rd is the asylum level and equipment cabinet);
69th Floor: Sightseeing floor overlooking Shenzhen and northern Hong Kong;
70th & 71st Floors: Equipment levels;
72nd Floor: Landing ground for the helicopters.
Address & Contact
Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 赛格广场(Saige Guangchang)
Place Address (English/Pinyin): The crossing of Middle Shennan Road and Huaqiang Bei Road
Website: Saige (SEG) Electronics Market Plaza Huaqiangbei’s Website
Place Phone: +86 (755)
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