I dolci di Paola: Homemade Cakes That Taste As Good As They Look

NowShenzhen   |   February 17, 2019

If you are craving a cake that tastes as delicious as it looks, I dolci di Paola is the choice for you.

“To tell the truth, I’ve never really had much of a sweet tooth, but I was always fascinated by the beauty and creativity of the cakes I would see being made on television or posted on social media,” explained Paola Sellitto, the woman behind I dolci di Paola.

Paola described how it all started. “One day, I decided to make a cake for my husband. I didn’t want to buy it from a bakery. I wanted it to be personal, to be unique. So I made my fondant from scratch and handpicked all the ingredients so that the cake tasted and looked exactly as I had imagined. From that cake, I made another and another, and before long I had started I dolci di Paola.”

Paola is originally from the home of great cake makers that is Italy, but has been working in business in China for over a decade. However, I dolci di Paola is more than another business to Paola. It’s a hobby that turned into her passion.With a proud family background in cooking, Paola taught herself to bake through reading books, watching videos, and a lot of experimenting! It’s this dedication that can be seen in every cake she makes.

She treats each cake not as another job to be completed, but as a unique piece of art to be created. Whether it is a majestic floral cake for a wedding or a cute unicorn cake for a child’s birthday, every cake is homemade and has that personal, loving touch.

“Many fondant cakes look more beautiful than they actually taste. I am committed to creating cakes that taste as delicious as they look. At I dolci di Paola, our cakes combine the tastes of traditional Italian cake making with beautiful designs, and sometimes an added dash of extravaganza!”

To order your dream cake today, add Paola on WeChat at “Paolasellitto”. Please note that at least one week notice must be given and cakes must be picked up from the Seaworld area in Shekou.

you can follow Paola on 小红书 https://www.xiaohongshu.com/user/profile/5bc6d66ba5ec3a0001cbc63c?xhsshare=CopyLink&appuid=5bc6d66ba5ec3a0001cbc63c&apptime=1550488358