Food Talk with a Professional Strongman

David Ho   |   September 11, 2020

Talking Food and Fitness with One of China’s Greatest: Fueling a Professional Strongman 

Today we sat down with Travis Hayes, co-founder and head coach at LiftOn strongman gym and kitchen. 

Here, Travis condenses his wealth of fitness and nutrition wisdom into bite-sized advice for the average person looking to get and stay healthy. Increasingly today, being an average person means a busy-but-not-active lifestyle. How can we make gains toward more energy and that physique we’ve always dreamed of, according to someone who has found the magic formula? 

Travis downed a hefty glass of nourishing mango and berry smoothie – probably his second meal before lunch – while he elaborated the mechanics behind his lean yet eclectic way of life. Beyond his successful fitness and business endeavors, Travis holds a Master’s degree-holder in Chinese painting and owns a dog, who helps supervise the workout studio. 

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Follow us to watch an exclusive video with Travis as he guides us through his weekly meal prep and advise for how to get started.

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