Guide and Tips for Luohu Commercial City Shoppers

Harry Fozzard   |   September 3, 2021

Spectacle Frames and Prescription Lenses

The asking price for branded spectacle frames (like Tag Heuer, Dunhill, Silhouette, etc) will be anywhere between RMB 290-1,000. You can haggle them down to just RMB 30–80.

Prescription lenses are available for RMB 100 or less. Transition lenses (lenses that can darken in sunlight) sell for RMB 130 or less.


The Oakley model with 5 interchangeable lenses and arm can be had for as little as 100 RMB. Add RMB 70 for prescription lenses.

Job Glasses Shop is inside of the Luohu Commercial City. It’s a very professional and completely trustworthy glasses shop, the price is reasonable and only high quality glasses are offered.

Branded Jeans and T-Shirts

The asking price for branded jeans like Levis, Hugo Boss and Gucci is RMB 300–500. Bargain and you can get them for just RMB 75–80.

Similarly, the asking price for Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts is between RMB 200–300 but you can pick them up for just RMB 45. Regular branded T-shirts go for RMB 30.


Luohu Commercial City is a great place to purchase business attire cheaply. There are many tailor shop here. You can get a tailor-made suit for just RMB 800. Tailor-made dress shirts are able to be haggled down to RMB 100. You can also kit out in ties, cufflinks and pocket squares for RMB 25, the set and belts are just RMB 30.


There are many DVD titles available. The prices range from RMB 5–10 for Chinese speakers up to RMB 20 for those deemed “Tourists”.

Tips for Cheap, Safe Shopping in Luohu Commercial City.

Haggle, haggle and haggle some more.

If they don’t chase you out the store then that is the price. Shopkeepers will usually start at a vastly inflated price so don’t meet them in the middle. Start at 1/6 – 1/4 of the quoted price.

Use a whole day

Plan on spending all day (10 – 12 hours is not uncommon) there.

Take a friend.

Try not to go on your own or with small children.

Watch your property

Like many crowded places where people are shopping you need to be mindful of pickpockets.

Watch the bagger

Watch the people bagging your purchases intently to make sure you are taking away exactly what you paid for.

Check your Change

Be careful the money you receive back is not counterfeit.

Do your Research

Research prices on the Internet as much as possible and mingle with foreign tourists there to compare bargains.

Don’t take bags

If you buy more than you can carry purchase a cheap suitcase there to wheel it all home.

Dress Down

If you look like a rich tourist they will charge you like a rich tourist. Consider not shaving or wearing business attire to the mall. Also, those that look / sound like they come from Hong Kong get a much better deal.

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