How To Enjoy A Traditional Chinese New Year Celebration

David Ho   |   January 27, 2021

Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival 春节, is a special time of the year for all Chinese worldwide as they welcome the Year of the Ox on February 12th.

Like all important festivals, Chinese New Year in China is chock-a-block with meaningful traditions to usher in a year of luck, happiness, and prosperity.

And here are a few customs and traditions to follow to ensure the new year is indeed a good one!

Chinese New Year’s Eve Tradition – the REUNION DINNER

The reunion dinner is a significant event to usher in the new year, and family members gather over a meal and reaffirm their love and respect for each other.

In very traditional households, dishes that grace the dinner table are chosen for their symbolic meaning. For example, a whole fish is served to increase prosperity, dumplings and spring rolls to amplify wealth, and noodles for happiness and longevity.

Image Courtesy of Sam’s Club

These days, while respecting the reunion dinner traditions, many Chinese include high-quality products as well, and beef and seafood find their way onto the dinner table.

This year’s reunion dinner should be a little different as we heed the government’s advice to stay safe while COVID is still lingering a little. While your local friends will likely scale down their dinner plans, it doesn’t mean you have to be left out!

If you plan on hosting a reunion dinner with your family or friends, just remember to keep it small and straightforward. And what better way than to whip up a divine meal at home instead of going to a restaurant!

Here are a few suggestions from Sam’s Club for that perfect home-cooked meal

The best part of using these items is that we’ve done the hard work of combining high-quality choice ingredients for you, and you don’t have to buy a ton of things to make these dishes.

Sam’s Chinese New Year Dinner Set

How about this all-in-one dinner set that’s enough for 7 to 8 people? The ultimate in whipping together a wonderful meal to welcome the new year!

Sam’s Chinese New Year Dinner set
(Serves 7-8) / Image Courtesy of Sam’s Club

This marvelous dinner set is available for pre-sale until Jan 30th, and delivered on Chinese New Year’s eve (Feb 10) or the first day of the new year (Feb 11).

And for dessert? An endless choice at Sam’s Club and here are a few of our favourites that complements any meal.

Chinese New Year Traditions – Day 1 and 2 – VISITING relatives and friends and HONGBAOs (red packets)

The first two days of Chinese New Year are when we visit relatives and friends. During these visits, working adults will give hongbaos (red packets) filled with new notes or coins to children and unmarried relatives. The red packet is used as red symbolizes energy, happiness and good luck that we want the receiver to enjoy.

Again, with concerns over COVID, do consider online visits instead of going to someone’s home if you plan to celebrate the new year with friends or relatives in China.

And like any good visitor (online or an actual visit), you’ll want to bring a gift for the host or send them one from the Sam’s Club app. Instead of fretting over what to get, here are a few ideas for you!



(oh yes!)

As you enjoy Chinese New Year savouring the many traditions, please stay safe. And regardless of whether you’re visiting friends and relatives at their home or doing it virtually, Sam’s Club is always ready with our one-hour doorstep delivery!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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