How to Meal Prep with a Professional Bodybuilder

David Ho   |   September 16, 2020

Last week we interviewed Travis Hayes, owner of LifOn, and he shared his life story and journey into becoming a Strongman competitor. This week he will teach us how he preps his meals, some useful tips, and how Sam’s Club allows him to stay healthy, easily.

Key Takeaways 

1. Ingredients: 

Buy in bulk ! Make sure to have a balanced diet that tick all your macronutrient requirements. We’re using beef, chicken, rice, potatoes and quinoa, as well as some mixed vegetables. 

2. Principles: 

Keep your meal prep BASIC and SIMPLE. 

Weigh out your ingredients into single-meal containers. 

Don’t overcook your ingredients if you want to reheat them later on. Make sure not to add too much seasoning. You can always add on more later if needed.

3. Why Meal Prep: 

You ensure you’re able to eat healthy at all times. You save both time and money by purchasing and cooking in bulk. No more resorting to ordering takeaway food after a late night at work!

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