Shenzhen Shopping Malls and Retail Areas

Harry Fozzard   |   September 3, 2021

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Shopping is perhaps the main reason people flock to Shenzhen, China. The chance of picking up a bargain or using refined haggling skills to get cheaper goods is just too good to pass up for many.

This article highlights some of the different shopping areas you can go – whatever the budget.

Luohu Commercial City (LCC)
The Five floor shopping mall on the Hong Kong / China border is where most day-trippers to Shenzhen head to for cheap Chinese imitations of expensive brand names.

You can buy watches, clothes, shoes, handbags, cell phones, DVDs, accessories and so much more! Be prepared to haggle intensely and you will soon lose count of all the bargains you’ve picked up. There are also many food courts to replenish much needed energy and many banking machines too.

Getting there: Take the metro line 1 to Luohu Station and use exit “A”.

The Dongmen pedestrian area is considered the best shopping center in Shenzhen. Dongmen is a great place to walk around and savor the sights and sounds of the city. Shoppers have been coming to the area for 300 years!

The shopping area is very large and it has many brand name stores, several large malls, different markets, food streets and stalls placed anywhere they can find space. It’s so large it has three KFCs catering to it. You will need to once again use your haggling skills at the markets but the prices in the malls are fixed.

However, they often have sales so you could well get a bargain. The largest, “Sun Plaza Mall” is on Jiefang Road.

Shops tend to be grouped together or inside one large building like “Hongji Handicraft City” on Lixin Road or Dongmen Fabric Market on Zhing road.

Dongmen Pedestrian Area also goes by other aliases such as “Dongmen Walking Street, Laojie (meaning old-town), Lemon Street, Dongmen Market and East Gate – the English translation of Dongmen.

Getting there:

Take the Metro and get off at Lao Jie Station and exit at exit A.
You can take the number 3,6,15, 59, 64, 102, 103, 113 and 203 buses.

Huaqiangbei Electronics and Fashion Shopping
The Hua Qiang Bei area is famous for the Saige (SEG) Tower and consumer electronic shopping. If you are in desperate need of a new laptop or want to buy parts to make your own super-computer than this is the place for you!

Apart from the high-tech gadgetry there are also quite a few women’s clothing stores here, including a whole mall – “Women’s World”. This famous mall targets “Mid-range” customers and makes the area an ideal destination for couples.

Getting there: Take the metro to Huaqiang Lu Station and take exit A.

Coco Park
Coco Park Futian is a retail area built partially above ground and below ground. There is a large open area in the center and over 200 stores, restaurants and entertainment establishments to choose from. There is a modern cinema complex called “Broadway Circuit” and a large food court.

The area becomes very busy at the weekends as visitors flock to the nightclubs and bars in the area.

Getting there:

Take the metro and get off at Gou Wu Gong Yuan stop inside Coco Park.
The nearest train station is Lok Ma Chau Station which is 2.8km away.

MixC / Wan Xiang Cheng Shopping Mall
The MixC mall is the largest mall in Shenzhen and features many luxury stores, restaurants and entertainment options. The main attractions are an Olympic sized ice-skating rink and Golden Harvest Cinema. There is also a great supermarket-Ole which sells a lot of imported food.

Getting there: Take the metro to Da Ju Yuan station and exit “B”.

KK Mall
The KK Mall is Shenzhen’s newest landmark and shopping mall at the base of the KK100 building in Shenzhen at 441.8 meters!

The mall has 5 floors and is described as an “International boutique fashion mall”. There are over 150 fashion boutiques including Armani, Calvin Klein, Gucci, etc, etc. This mall is definitely “high-end” and only one block away from MixC.

Getting there: Take the subway to Grand Theater Station (also called “Da Ju Yuan”) and use exit “B”

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