Shopping Spots in Shenzhen

Scott Welsh   |   October 6, 2021

Lo Wu (Luo Hu) Commercial City is just across form the Hong Kong border. It offers a very different experience to shopping in Hong Kong and is therefore worth a visit if only spending a short time in China. Spread over several levels are many small stores, each selling similar products: watches, jewellery, handbags, clothes and DVDs. These products are rarely authentic but are mostly impressively detailed fakes. There are many stallholders pressuring shoppers to part with their money but the atmosphere is one of enjoyable bartering. This is the place to go for Western sizes in clothing and shoes! This is also the palce to go to have massages and nails done dirt cheap as well.
[Metro: Luohu, exit A]
Dong Men Pedestrian Street is the place to go for clothes and small-ticket items. This place is better than Luohu Commercial City in terms of price and range of items. Other than several department stores, most are smaller stalls. The price is cheap, even at local standard. You can easily spend a day there.
[Metro: Lao Jie, exit A]
Dong Hai Pacific Mall New movie theatre and 4 level mall, featuring array of restaurants, coffee shops, clothing and other goods. In the heart of Dong Hai neighborhood on the westside of the FuTian district. Just 2 blocks from the Sam’s Club/Cinema complex. Accessible from CheGongMiao metro station.
Wal Mart stores, as well as Carrefour, and Sam’s Club. Sam’s membership is RMB150. In Futian, they are also building a hugh Sam’s/Wal Mart/ multi-plex theatre.
MixC Shopping Mall is for now the largestshopping mall in Shenzhen. Highlights include the following: Olympic size indoor Ice Skating Rink, Golden Harvest Cinema movie theater, Ole – high end supermarket with many imported items, Spaghetti House, Starbucks, and Taco Bell
[Metro: Da Ju Yuan, exit C-3]
Hua Qiang Bei is much like Dong Men, this is the place for anything electronic. Starbucks is here too.
[Metro: Hua Qiang Lu, exit A]
Jusco, the Japanese supercenter if you crave western stuff, it’s here. Next door to the CITIC Mall – with Starbucks.
[Metro: Ke Xue Guan, exit D]
Shekou is the expat hangout…everything western that you might crave. And they have Western food at the local ParkNShop Store too.
Bus numbers 113, K113, 204, K204 and 328 to the end of the line (to the West) will get you to Shekou.
Shenzhen Book City is a huge bookstore with a great selection of books, music, movies, and multimedia products. The bookstore is the second biggest in the country.
5033 Shennandong Road at Jinshan Plaza.
Coco Park New shopping mega complex, located nearshopping center Gou Wu Gong Yuan metro station. Open to the public, but still adding vendors.
SEG Electronics Market A huge market for all things electronic. The first two floors are components (ICs, wires, switches, etc.) and the other 4 floors will supply you with any electronic device your heart desires.

Central Walk Another Shopping complex in Shenzhen. Base tenant is Carrefour, but also has usual shops, restaurants and a cinema. Starbucks and Italian Best Coffee ( Illy Coffee ) are located here. Subway ( Sandwiches ) also have opened here.
Located one block away from the exhibition centre on Fuhua Road. Take Metro to Exhibition Centre stop and Central Walk is located at exit B. 5 minutes walk from Coco Park.
Major credit cards i.e. Visa, Masters, HSBC are accepted. JCB and American Express have limited coverage. Cirrus, Plus & Maestro facilities allow owners to withdraw money from banks. Remember to activate your card for the pin usage.
Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, and most Chinese banks accept foreign cards. You may check with your bank to see if they have a local branch here. Most ATMs are open for 24 hours. Some are only opened if you swipe the card at the security doors.
At places at Luo Hu, Cash is highly recommended. Some places charge an extra 10% for credit card purchases. The shop assistants will bring you to shops that have credit card processing machines. At Shopping centers, remember to check with the cashiers to see if they accept credit cards before making purchases. There are few shopping centers that accept credit card with passport verification, though you may lose your discount on the purchase