The Working Mum — Five Tips to Stay Healthy and Happy!

David Ho   |   March 28, 2021

On March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day with tributes to women all over the world, from the home to the office, boardroom, and community.

Today, let’s turn our attention to the working mum — an often unappreciated and forgotten family member.

“I think every working mum probably feels the same thing: You go through big chunks of time where you’re just thinking, ‘This is impossible—oh, this is impossible.’ And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible.”

Tina Fey

Here are five tips to help all working mum’s stay healthy, and in turn, wonderfully happy!


Make exercise a must.

This doesn’t mean hitting the gym three times a week for an hour. Instead, make small adjustments to the type of exercise you get every day. Walk up a flight of stairs instead of taking the elevator, or stand at your desk for 30 minutes instead of sitting all day, or to enjoy a 10-minute walk after lunch?

Simple and small daily movements help! And when you do have time for that gym session or yoga class, go for it.

Image Courtesy of Cam’s Club
Image Courtesy of Cam’s Club


Stop multitasking.

Sorry to burst your bubble, women are not better at multitasking! The human brain isn’t built this way, and multitasking drains your mental resources so much faster, depleting your ability to think! Finish one task before moving to the next. Your brain will thank you for this!

Image Courtesy of Cam’s Club


Take breathing breaks.

A breathing break? Yes, a quick one-minute deep breathing break at your desk, or in the living room, or anywhere really, will oxygenate your brain and give you a boost of clarity.

Image Courtesy of Cam’s Club
Image Courtesy of Cam’s Club


Healthy snacks are the way to go.

Replace sugar-filled, trans-fat rich, super unhealthy snack with nutritious, trans-fat free, and organic snacks. Pick your favourite and stay healthy this way.

Image Courtesy of Cam’s Club


Take care of YOU first.

This is the biggie! The only way the earlier four tips work is when you choose to take care of yourself first. No, you’re not selfish, and your children, partner, and colleagues will benefit from you as a healthy mum. Make sure the first item on your daily to-do list is for you and you alone. You deserve it!

These five simple tips add to your health and well-being and, of course, make you a happier person.

Here’s what Laimei Yeung, a dedicated mum and professional hypnotherapist (, has to say.


“I’ve been in Shanghai since 2005, and with two young kids, a 12-year old girl and a 9-year old boy, it’s a daily challenge to maintain a work-life balance. But I’m blessed that I work as a therapist, so I know what to do. And it all starts with taking care of myself first. I make it a point to take care of myself first, and my kids, husband, and clients thank me for it.

During the weekend, I would like to slow down and enjoy my time with my family roaming the aisles at Sam’s. Going to a well-stocked hypermarket is something I love, being from Belgium with an Italian husband!”


For all you working mum’s, PAMPER YOURSELF — you deserve a healthy, happy and vibrant life!

We’re all so grateful you’re in our lives.



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