UNIQLO COCO Park Shop Newly Opened

Kelly Chan   |   October 6, 2021

UNIQLO COCO Park Shop Newly Opened on December 10, 2011.

A Japanese clothing brand which is famous for its simple design and reasonable price.

Sleek designs that fit beautifully:
that’s what UNIQLO chinos are all about.

Have you ever worn chinos? Or how about cargo trousers?
UNIQLO offers sleel-and-smart chinos and cargo trouses to suit the mood of our times.
Normally when people think of casual they think of jeans,
but we at UNIQLO want to re-define casual and make it even more fun with our great array of colors and designs in chinos and cargos.
Because these designs are simple and sharp, they are the perfect match for whatever your favorite fashion choice happens to be.
These new chinos and cargo trousers decorate your day to day life with something different! Exclusively from UNIQLO.

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