Quality Service Taxis In Shenzhen Will Safely Take You Anywhere You Want

Harry Fozzard   |   September 1, 2021

Shenzhen is a major city in the province of Guangdong, China, and one of the most successful economic zones, making it a place of foreign investment. It is a fast growing city, a major financial center, and home to numerous high tech companies and commercial establishments. Taxis in Shenzhen are one of the most common forms of transportation in this busy city. They are classified in to three different groups. The red taxis operate in almost any location in Shenzhen. The yellow taxis only operate inside the Special Economic Zone, and the green taxis operate outside the Special Economic Zone.

Since 2010, Shenzhen has become environmental friendly by using e-taxis or electronic taxis, which operate on batteries, reducing air pollution in the city.

The red taxis can take you anywhere in Shenzhen, whether it is inside or outside the Special Economic Zone. For the first 2500 meters, the flag fall or flag down rate is 10 RMB, and an additional of 2 RMB is charged separately for fuel surcharge.

The green taxis can only operate on areas outside the Special Economic Zone. The flag down or flag fall rate for green taxis is 7 RMB, with a travel rate of 1.6 RMB, and a fuel surcharge of 1RMB to all fare, available with a separate receipt.

The yellow taxis operate inside the Special Economic Zone only. The flag down or flag fall rate for the first 2500 meters is 10 RMB. A fuel surcharge of 2 RMB is added to all fare, with a separate receipt available upon request.

There are six districts comprising the Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen. First is the district of Futian, and its 8 sub-districts namely Nanyuan, Yuanling, Shatou, Xiangmihu, Meilin, Lianhua, and Huafu. The second district in Shenzhen’s Special Economic zone is Luohu, with sub-districts Huangbei, Nanhu, Guiyuan, Dongmen, Sungang, Qingshuihe, Cuizhu, Dongxiao, Donghu, and Liantang. Third is Nanshan, with subdistricts Nantou, Shahe, Zhaoshang, Yuehai, Taoyuan, Xili, and Shekou. The fourth district is Yantian, and its sub-districts are Meisha, Shatoujiao, and Haishan. The fifth district is Bao’an and its sub-districts are Baocheng, Xixiang, Longhua, Guanlan, Gungming, Songjiang, Guangming, Shajing, Fuyong, and Shiyan. The sixth and last district of the Special Economic Zone in Shenzhen is Longgang, with sub-districts Bantian, Buji, Dapeng, Henggang, Kengzi, Kuichong, Longcheng, Nanao, Nanwan, Pingdi, Pinghu, and Pingshan. These areas are possible for operation for red and yellow taxis.

For areas that are serviceable by the green taxis are the suburban districts. First is Pingshan New District, which is next to Huizhou City, situated in the east.

Photo by Kelley Chan.

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