Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Shenzhen

Harry Fozzard   |   October 7, 2021

Have some fun in the Mexican Restaurants in Shenzhen TODAY:

We got a heart-stirring message from Amigos Restaurants (Luohu Branch & Shekou Branch) that: Cinca de mayo, all Amigos’ customer can get one free tequila shot for free today (May 5, 2011).

Cinco de Mayo means fifth of May in Spanish. It is a commemoration of the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, where an untrained and underequipped army of 4,500 Mexican soldiers fought against a well-armed French army of 8,000. Cinco de Mayo marks the victory of General Ignacio Zaragoza over the French invasion. The first celebration if Cinco de Mayo was held in the United States, and even though it is just a small holiday in Mexico, the Americans recognize this important day because it marks the end of foreign invasion on North American soil. Every year, people in California and other parts of America celebrate this with the grandest of festivities and partying.

Cinco de Mayo in Shenzhen is also celebrated as tribute to the victory of the Mexicans against the French invasion. Cinco de Mayo in China has been adapted as well because it is also home to many foreigners. Shenzhen is one of the major cities in Guangdong, China and is home to numerous local and international high tech companies and organizations. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Shenzhen involves a lot of street dancing and parties, and a lot of food delicacies from other countries, especially from Mexico and the United States.

For Mexican or American expatriates in Shenzhen, they have managed to establish the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. In the past few years, certain American and Mexican bars and restaurants have already been established, offering a wide variety of food and delicacies to both locals and foreigners as well. Cinco de Mayo symbolizes the unity and patriotism of the Mexicans during the French invasion. It has, since then, served as a significant inspiration to the United States, and to the whole world as well. Cinco de Mayo in China has been made more special with the participation of the Chinese people. Certain towns and villages celebrate this day with Mexican food, dances, and games.

The Chinese locals also show their support and participation in the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. In small towns and villages where most expats live, the locals also participate in their festivities. In serving American or Mexican dishes, the locals use their traditional China ware. It is a great example of openly embracing other cultures and incorporating Chinese cultures in them. Shenzhen surely is an excellent example of a highly industrialized city, continuing its growth by adapting various practices and traditions that are known all over the world.

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