Cinco de Mayo in China : A Unique Fusion Of Cultures

Cinco de Mayo in China is celebrated in towns and cities where there are many expatriates residing. Particularly for American and Mexican expats, they have established their own group or community, and together, they celebrate holidays such as Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is not just a holiday for Mexicans, but for Americans as well. Here is a little history lesson: On May 5, 1862, a small Mexican army of underequipped and undertrained 4,500 soldiers were able to defeat a well-equipped army of 8,000 French soldiers. This victory is credited to General Ignacio Zaragoza, who led this small army and won against the French invasion.

Cinco de Mayo in Shenzhen is celebrated in expatriate communities of Americans and Mexicans. They celebrate just like they do in America and in Mexico. Even the locals are enjoying the parties, traditional dances, and piñata breaking activities for children and adults. Fireworks displays are also part of the celebration. The Chinese locals show their respect and participation by imparting some of the Chinese cultures into the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. American and Mexican food is served in the traditional China ware, and the expats show their gratitude and appreciation in return. Games are played, and the night is made cheerful by all the singing and dancing. Others prefer to keep it simple yet enjoyable by preparing or buying Mexican food and simply dining at the comfort of their own homes. Others celebrate with parties, and even involve the participation of locals and other Chinese residents as well. Most of them are eager and glad to be part of the celebration.

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration that serves as an example of unity and patriotism in a nation. It commemorates the victory of the Mexicans against the French invasion, and marked the end of foreign invasion in the North American soil. This holiday is not just celebrated in Mexico and America, but in many parts of the world as well. Shenzhen has embraced this tradition, and has shown its versatility as a fast growing city by adapting this celebration. Whether you are a local citizen of Shenzhen, China, or an expat living in the area, or a tourist looking for the latest happenings in town, Cinco de Mayo is just the perfect occasion to take part of. Enjoy the traditional Chinese cultures incorporated in American and Mexican food, song and dance, and experience parties in Shenzhen that are truly unforgettable.

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