Waterfall Hike in Hong Kong

Joe Macpherson   |   January 6, 2020

When one thinks of Hong Kong things such as skyscrapers, shopping or hiking might come to mind. But waterfalls will more than likely be the first thing you think of, however some of the waterfalls here are simply awesome and worth adding to your travel itineraries.  In a secluded area of forest lies a HK hidden gem.

Surrounded by forest

Ng Tung Chun is a collection of waterfalls that shows nature at it’s most powerful self.  With various waterfalls as you ascend the mountain, you will have the chance to become refreshed and inspired by nature. The trail is surrounded by beautiful nature, a real feast for the eyes.

Natural trail to walk
Beautiful surroundings

The first one is ‘bottom fall’ this one is not as tall as the others but has a reasonably large pool area to swim in. The water is clean and clear but yes it is cold.  You’ll feel invigorated after a splash in here. Out of the three I will talk about this is the best stop for lunch or a snack as there is ample space to sit and rest on the rocks.

Bottom Fall

The middle fall follows next. This has less room to sit but it has a larger pool and it’s a good option to swim in.  The waterfall is taller too giving you a chance to have a natural ‘shower’ with the water cascading down on you.  This is about 5 minutes from bottom fall.

Middle Fall

Keep going up, for around 15 mins and you’ll reach the towering ‘top fall’.  The tallest of the three this is impressive in its grandeur and power. You’ll hear it thundering down from far away. This is a good option for swimming and a really fun choice to sit under the waterfall (if you dare).  There is also ample room here to rest and relax

Top fall

After swimming or whatever you decided to do, there are some options available.  You can continue up which leads to Tai Mo Shan, this in turn leads to Maclehose trail.  I didn’t hike that section but they are always we sign posted with information online. Another option from Tai Mo Shan is to go back down, this is also sign posted.  If you didn’t want to hike after swimming, you can simply return down the route you came and end at the original startpoint

Well signposted

Want to go?

Get bus 64 K

You can get bus 64k from Tai Po Market MTR station and get off at Ng Tung Chai stop.  Get this back at the end if you wish

Bring water and food/snacks as there is nowhere nearby to purchase.

Please be careful when hiking as it can be slippery

Resources for Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls

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